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  1. It doesn't matter until people with no connection to their clubs cheapen your own by pretending it's the same. Of course it doesn't matter, it's just mildly insulting. The support of a red team from someone in another continent is cheap and easily won. The support of someone with a deep connection to the community over generations is different and it doesn't just effect smaller clubs:
  2. This is way off the mark, and I've said it before, but the idea that a supporter of an English club in Bangkok has the same connection and success has the same meaning to them as a fan with multiple generations of family support and connection to a club is ridiculous. Nothing wrong with them choosing their fave English club to follow, but there is no way it means the same.
  3. I wouldn't say it's clear at all. I've can only think of one Liverpool fan I've met with a connection to the city, and dozens without. Being a fan since the 80s isn't really too impressive. Anyway, congratulations to Liverpool, especially to those fans with a connection to the club.
  4. Spurs are well run for a non-top6 club to be fair.
  5. I think Wolves have been making profits for a while now, aside from the year we got promoted. Our last owner, Steve Morgan, put us in a very good position in this regard.
  6. In the Championship they seemed to buy two penalties a game. Masters of the dark arts, I must admit to not liking them much. My friend's dad played for them under Redknapp though in the 80s.
  7. We were probably slightly fortunate last night. The heat really slowed us down and we weren't our normal selves I didn't think, having said that Neto should have made it two at the end. First half hour I thought Bournemouth shaded it and it looked to me that Nuno should have started with Dendonker over Adama, but both had good games when on the pitch. Another great cross from the man with no end product. Slightly worried about the Villa game however as we never seem to find it particularly easy against you, although a neutral would say we should be ok. So tight at the bottom now.
  8. Not me! Two points behind Chelsea now. Dreaming is for free.
  9. Spot on, it’s vomit inducing. Great response though.
  10. A goal that suits this game.
  11. Yeah it’s a shit Football stadium. I’ve been to two games here and used to live in the Olympic village. Lovely place, shit stadium.
  12. Beautiful day here, gutted I can’t get in.
  13. Yeah that was soft. Well done VAR
  14. It is pretty sickening. Although I hope he does. A draw would suit us
  15. Sky aren’t even trying to hide bias with two United players in the studio and one in the commentary box.
  16. Sorry to hear of your loss and those of people around you.
  17. Managed to finally watch the Bobby Robson documentary on Netflix last night, recommended, got a bit choked up. That semi final still hurts.
  18. Come on Villa! Win tonight and all the other times it benefits us, but absolutely lose to us. Also, Wolves are giving season ticket holders NowTV passes apparently. Just after I'd renewed mine
  19. Absolutely adore the first game. This is day one for me.
  20. That was my thought too. Like the David Brent rape scene. The joke was on him.
  21. This seems a bit mad to me. I don't remember anything in those shows that felt wrong.
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