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  1. I watched this twice today. And I've already forgiven several people. This should be shown on every channel every day.
  2. Barry*, your only problem with this game is it's less than a decade old. *joke.
  3. Why do people match wine & meat colour? What difference does it make?
  4. What happened? The PR stuff? Yes. Infogrammes used to take the journos out all the time and wine & dine them. Occasionally us humble developers would be invited along for a bit of free booze etc.
  5. If that were the case there wouldn't be any bad reviews. If this case shows anything, its that there's no direct interference in review content. I think PR people will take the Journos out and shower them with freebies whilst bigging up their titles but that's not quite the same as explicit corruption.
  6. I just watched that then at the end it said the video had been removed.
  7. It comes with a free Yoghurt and none of the game shops have refrigerated shelves.
  8. Playing the Adams Family music while talking about the Kitchen Staff was especially funny\cruel. Excellent episode. I thought the manager bloke was pretty good actually, I don't think he (or Ramsey) was bullying anyone. In fact I think Ramsey was pretty cool with the 'head chef' in that after bollocking him he gave him more than one chance to redeem himself. Pretty fair I think. I'm really amazed at the difference marketing makes. Considering the owner has pretty much sod all to do anyway.
  9. I wonder where the cheapest EasyJet destination is that has plentiful Wii supplies? Rather than pay over the odds to a rip-off merchant, use the money for a day trip to Amsterdam or somewhere.
  10. The Wii comes out pretty well here (power consumption). Although using Wii Connect might cock it up a fair bit. http://www.hardcoreware.net/reviews/review-356-1.htm The Greenpeace thing is stupid. At best it's a critique of a website. The entire console business isn't very green though is it? Forced generations, plastic disks instead of downloads etc. I'm sure it'll be better when we scrap disks and slow down the generations. Rubbish.
  11. This 'tip' just oozes fake. Elaborate ceremony followed by imagined improvement.
  12. Presumably they *aren't* sending consoles to places where they aren't in demand. The shops aren't going to keep ordering them at a faster rate than they are selling them.
  13. None of us have any idea how easy\difficult that is. Obviously you'd have to be talking in the hundreds of thousands per month.
  14. Because people want one. It's up to the poster where a thread goes when it comes to retro stuff.
  15. There's no age limit on games discussed in here.
  16. Yep. There's no realtime element.
  17. Probably explained with one line of dialogue.
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