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  1. It matters in your comparison yes. Wii play is a smallish project packaged with a piece of hardware. Wii sports was probably quite expensive to develop considering the amount of research it would have taken. Sure, you could probably write it from scratch fairly quickly but that's not how it came to be. Without having any idea of the budgets or team sizes behind these titles its difficult to make a meaningful comparison. And the only sales figure we have for SMG is pretty impressive. I think SMG will be immensely profitable for Nintendo and a highly significant flagship title for them. It's already the most critically acclaimed game ever. I think sales would have to be disastrous for them to stop making games like this.
  2. Again, all supposition. Wiiplay isn't a standalone game anyway.
  3. I think they work for brilliant, easily picked up games. Mediocre games are probably hurt by a demo (no bad thing for us but bad for the publisher). Complex but good games are probably not well served by a demo either. Just guessing on that one.
  4. I would have put them in the same roughly genre myself. ho hum. Shooty fireworky games to play along with loud music.
  5. Of course it could. In this case its more about a general sense of aesthetics. I'm pretty sure SG could be re-worked to be more visually appealing to a wider audience and a bit easier to understand for the player. Games like Geometry Wars aren't a million miles from JM's visual style but they are very clear and accessible.
  6. One thing that Nintendo are doing now with the DS is advertising games that are 2-3 years old (Nintendogs, Animal Crossing). I think that's really interesting and shows a new approach to the market. Most games are dumped on the market in one batch and forgotten about.
  7. I'm not sure I'd be any help. I was thinking of someone like Gique on here. Someone who knows games and visuals.
  8. I wonder if Jeff would consider spending a week or two working with an artist and perhaps someone who's good at interface design and working out some of the accessibility issues. It seems like those people close to him are a bit into the same stuff.
  9. And the Commodore 64. You never see those any more.
  10. One good thing about being shit at games is that I don't end up rushing through this in 2 days.
  11. Those people aren't short of ideas, they do remakes\sequels because there's money in it and genuine demand from the audience. Chris Sawyer is richer than the Queen.
  12. From what I've heard, Indie games (on PC) tend not to be all that price sensitive. Particularly seeing as there's a free demo - nobody is taking a chance here, there's plenty of the game for free in the demo. I reckon Nintendo are making a fortune from the absence of demos\videos.
  13. I think this is far more about the game itself than marketing. It's a confusing game and he needs to work with an artist.
  14. Wii version. It's pretty dreadful but my daughter loves it. It's basically a Sing Star knock-off with loads on lockables and animated characters from the movie and other semi-related Disney movies\shows.
  15. Why don't you explain? I'm guessing you mean that you don't really give a toss about the accomplishment as such, you're not making a distinction between hardware and software - you're just judging the end result. If so, then fair enough. I'm inherently looking at it from developer Pov (can't help that) and when I say 'accomplished' I'm really talking about how difficult-to-achieve and imaginative the thing is. How good a job they did. Although I think SMG compares well to ANYTHING out there.
  16. I've no idea how they do it but the level-of-detail stuff is amazing. Sometimes when you can see another planet in the distance you can see that it's fully working with enemies moving around etc. They could have easily gotten away with using a single sprite in these cases but they haven't. The spin isn't connected to the sensor bar stuff.
  17. Are you sure that isn't down to the slight recharge delay on the spin? I've never known it not work myself.
  18. Well I think the accomplishment lies in the engineering (and imagination) behind the engine. I don't think its especially 'accomplished' to simply make use of advanced features of the hardware. I'm not particularly impressed by PC games that require super-expensive cards to run. That isn't accomplished, that's just indulgent. Certainly in my own (fairly modest) experience of making PC games the hard work is getting the game to run well and look good on low-end machines, the high-end stuff is easy. This engine squeezes amazing visuals and equally amazing performance from a fixed hardware platform. Whilst I think the visuals stand up to *any* comparison they are all the more accomplished for running on more modest hardware. There's no denying it would be improved by running on better hardware but that's a given. It wouldn't be any kind of achievement.
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