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  1. Howdy folks If anyone has DIYs for: Cherry Blossom Trees Wall Sakura Wood Wall Cherry Blossom Pond Stone I’d really love them. Spent my first day off in 3 months off yesterday trying to get them, with no Joy. Recently restarted my island, so don’t have resources to trade, but would gladly pay bells for them. Thanks in advance.
  2. It didn’t even occur to me you wouldn’t get duplicates from Celeste, sorry I think I’ve actually only seen her once or twice. Thanks for the tip about the turnip exchange
  3. If anyone has any spare Celeste DIYs I’d gladly pay for any. Never really play during the evening due to work shifts. Ta in advance.
  4. For the first time (that I’ve been in to check the prices) I’ve hit over 500!! https://turnip.exchange/island/e3f02347 Rest of Island is closed, due to renovations. Anything appreciated.
  5. I’d love to come over tonight - will save me worrying about it at the end of the week!! Tips will be left
  6. No, I didn’t unfortunately. Next time!!
  7. Beautiful island. Thanks for letting me explore!!
  8. it’s the only use my twitter account has!!
  9. I had a Panasonic Q. Had to sell pretty much all of my game related stuff several years ago due to being made redundant. I wish I could’ve kept the Q.
  10. Thanks for opening mate. I was the sexy village people policeman. Sorry I took a while, new to the hopping online islande thing.
  11. The only highlight of episode 3 for me was recognising the exterior club scene shots were under Peckham Rye train station!!!
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