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  1. Like I mentioned above you’ll end up paying around £55. They send via FedEx and declare everything at correct value. Best £275 you’ll ever spend
  2. I bought mine direct about 3 months ago and it cost me £210 plus £55 import costs. If you can at all afford the little bit extra it costs then it's a no brainer. Having had one now I'd pay whatever I could afford if I needed to replace it.
  3. Oh for sure. I know it’s a massive glaring hole for me. I’m hoping that when I have look at Amazon Comics tomorrow they’ll see me right with the digital editions being on sale.
  4. Really enjoyed the first episode. Despite being a comic book reader The Sandman isn’t something I’ve ever read or know anything at all about. I wasn’t sure at first as it all felt a bit Sunday evening BBC / Harry Potter which is a massive turn off for me, but I’m definitely glad I stuck with it. Looking forward to watching more over the weekend.
  5. One occasion I'll never forget is when a young lad who used to come in fairly regularly and play on the handful of arcade cabinets we had, brought in a Mega Drive to sell us clearly not thinking we'd bother testing it. I pulled the console out of the box and before plugging any cables in grabbed a nearby cartridge and shoved it into the slot. Imagine my surprise when the cartridge fell into and rattled about in the slot. I quickly realised that there was no board inside. "What do you think you're playing at?" I asked. "Eh? It was working fine at home this morning!" he replied panicking. "Yeah of course it was you cheeky little cunt." Don't think I ever saw him again after that.
  6. Not seen it mentioned elsewhere so apologies if I've missed it, but there's what appears to be a great new 6 part documentary series about the history of Industrial Light & Magic just come out on Disney+ this week called 'Light & Magic'. Only watched the first episode so far but really enjoyed it and really looking forward to getting time to watch the rest.
  7. Having only becoming a PC gamer and Steam customer in the last few weeks I’m really finding it to be financial death by a thousand cuts. All these “fuck it…it’s only a couple of quid” moments soon start to add up don’t they.
  8. Computers are my massive gap. I had an Acorn Electron as a kid and played a bit on a friends BBC (as well as at school obviously) and perhaps once or twice on a C64. Other than that I don’t think I’ve even seen a Spectrum, Amiga, CD32 or ST etc in the flesh. I wasn’t really interested in computers or games at all for that matter until I caught the arcade bug hard in my mid to late teens on holiday and went full in on the Master System and NES. Not long after that I found myself working at a local import game store where I owned or at least extensively used pretty much everything console wise up to and including an FM Towns Marty. I was console / arcade game mad at the time, but extremely biased and didn’t want anything to do with computers for several years until for some reason I was sucked in by Unreal whereupon I bought Celeron PC from PC World that I swiftly upgraded with an AGP Voodoo 3 graphics card.
  9. I think we all have since it came out and yet they still charge £70 for it
  10. I’m afraid that minimum effort maximum profit is all that we should realistically expect these days from Sony. Anything else is being pretty naive.
  11. I feel the need to put these rumours to rest and so here’s the lucky girl herself being awoken from her slumber…
  12. Think this says it all about how spoiled my dog is…
  13. I let my dog have a longer leash than Max seems to have.
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