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  1. I’ve already got too many games spread across too many platforms that I’ve not played to care. 

    Just like with the PS5 once Xbox games are £70 each I’ll just not buy any new games at all rather than than one or two I might have been tempted for at the current level. Anything I want I’ll wait until it’s sub £20 in a sale. And while I’ve got GamePass at the moment I won’t be resubscribing due to my play time being so thinly spread across multiple platforms.  

  2. 2 hours ago, Fitzcarraldo said:

    If you can ever watch Jeanne Dielman on the big screen, run don't walk. It really benefits from the sensory deprivation tank atmosphere of the cinema.

    I first saw it at Leeds Film Festival several years ago. It was shown in the Town Hall venue. After sitting on one of the fold up chairs they used with next to no legroom for 3 1/2 hours I could neither run nor walk very easily afterwards I can tell you. 

    I appreciated it much more watching on Blu-ray sprawled on my own sofa. 

  3. 5 minutes ago, ScouserInExile said:

    And is, I believe, pronounced "tah-tay" rather than like in Tate & Lyle. Which means I've been mispronouncing it for years. Or reading it wrong, certainly, I doubt I've ever said it out loud.




  4. 2 hours ago, Festoon said:

    Well, that was a waste of time.

    I’ve watched 3 episodes and although I’ve enjoyed them I’ve got a feeling that it’s going no where and will have no closure or anything approaching a satisfactory ending. Would I be right?

  5. I’ve had an invitation to pre-order today without even registering for some reason. 

    No real interest outside of the technological aspect at the moment but I’ve no doubt I’ll get swept up in the hype nearer the time. So I decided I’m better having a preorder I can cancel than being gutted that I haven’t got one. 

    Just need to find a way to tell the missus now when I was scoffing at the price just a couple of days ago. 

  6. I think it's fantastic value even at full price and I am signed up for about another 18 months using the conversion trick. However...


    It's not worth it for me and I won't be resubscribing. I spend a lot of time playing games, but that's across Xbox, Switch, PC (and I buy all my games there cos I like everything in Steam), PS5 and retro stuff too. I can easily go for a few months without turning the Xbox on, so while £15 a month is great value it's not quite so great if it's £15 when you've not used it at all. I may well pay for the odd month going forward if it makes sense but generally I think I'll just buy the stuff I want to play instead. 

  7. If you're using an external USB drive to store your games on rather than SD card then there's nothing stopping you getting MiSTer up and running on the SD card, getting scripts in place, running update all and having a play with the configuration etc. There are Cores / ROM that'll work with no additional memory I believe too but I'd be careful with no fan or heatsink. 

  8. 28 minutes ago, AceGrace said:

    Has anyone had theirs ship yet?

    I got a "prepared for shipping" email on the 17th of October but haven't had anything since then.

    I was in Group A so have had mine a while. My status never changed to Shipped though. I just got a notification one morning from Fed Ex that it was out for delivery. 

  9. While I don't have a performance-spec Tesla to compare it to I have to say that mine is also the best thing I've ever bought, certainly within the videogame / computing space anyway (the dogs that that I've spent the adoption fee on from the RSPCA over the years are the real best things I've ever spent money on).


    That little box, the size of a couple of packets of fags, gives me access to 'perfect' copies of, to as near as makes any difference every single 8 and 16bit console game ever made, a boat load of arcade PCBs + the PlayStation and soon the Sega Saturn. All of them running just like real hardware. No worries about emulation issues or lag etc. And that's without mentioning all the computer stuff that I've not even looked into. It's such an exciting thing to be into with new stuff being released every week too.


    Anyone with an interest in older games of that era owes it to themselves to get one asap. I just wish I'd have got mine sooner.

  10. The thing is that while the price is high along with it comes a very reasonable chance that it’s going to be a failure and it’ll play host to very few decent titles over its life span. 

    £530 is high for a console too and £1600 is extremely high for a GPU but you know you’ll get your monies worth from them regardless. Buying this is like taking a punt on a new Amstrad console. 

  11. C’mon guys. You can be surprised at the price, this is Sony we’re talking about. 

    Regardless, I’m out. I was never really in as I don’t find VR games particularly compelling but it’s way outside of any kind of “Ah fuck it” temptation price range.

  12. I’ve got both a Japanese colour Super NT and Mega SG sat here doing nothing since getting into MiSTer. I’ve got an FX Pack Pro for the Super NT and a Mega Everdrive Pro for the Mega SG. There’s also one each of the 8bitdo controllers for each. I’m thinking that selling this lot would cover the price of the highest capacity Steam Deck. 

    I’m fundamentally extremely lazy though and really have no enthusiasm for selling any of it. Does anyone want to make this really easy and take the above off me for £700 delivered? It’s all in perfect condition albeit unboxed. 

    Long shot I know with it all being one big package but I don’t want to split and mess about. 

    Edit - Posted the above in Trading. 


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