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  1. Can anyone please confirm if the Horizon: Forbidden West codes that CD Keys are selling for £27 get you the full PS5 version of the game? They say PS4 / PS5 but I'm not sure if that just means it's the PS4 version that'll work on PS5 and I've completely lost track of how Sony are handling upgrades to digital games.
  2. I’m not going to put the hours down as the times listed there bare little resemblance to how long I take to complete games. I’m clearly not very good. However… 1. I’d complete my current run through of The Last of Us Part 1 Remake. 2. I’d do a fresh run through of Super Mario World, getting all 96 Exits. 3. I’d play through Zelda: A Link to the Past again. 4. Spend a good few hours going through Bare Knuckle / Streets of Rage I & II trying for 1 credit completes on each. 5. See if I can finally get the 1 credit complete on Gate of Thunder on PC Engine CD. I get right near the end of the final level on 1 life and then it goes to shit every single time currently. 6. A run through of F-Zero GX on GameCube, probably on normal. I don’t need the stress of the harder difficulties in my last hours. I’m sure there are more if add to the list as I think about them but I’d also spend a good amount of time playing Tetris, Puzzle Bobble and Super Street Fighter II. If it counts I’d waste a lot of the time I have left to play reading about games and watching YouTube videos about them, much like I do now no doubt.
  3. Well after reading this thread I went into the film this evening expecting the worst, but both me and the missus thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly the first half.
  4. My 3 month old 3080FE is used for playing Into The Breach and XCOM currently so I’ll hold off for a bit I reckon.
  5. Not for the first time John Linneman and his friends at Digital Foundry have cost me money. It looks amazingly good in that video. I've gone from fuck that...to maybe...to fuck that again over the last few months. But after watching the Digital Foundry video I've just stuck my digital 'pre-order' in on PSN. Roll on Friday!
  6. It's not impossible is it? Admittedly I've got 40 years on your daughter, but I don't and have never played multi-player FPS games for more a few minutes, but I gave this a go yesterday and had a great time for a good few hours. I was often coming top of the winning team just by actually doing what the game wants you to do, paint the floor and where possible over the top of the other teams paint. To begin with I was coming off worse in almost all one on one confrontations but before long I was holding my own in that area too. No great kill streaks or whatever they're called but I was 'splatting' others as often as I was getting 'splatted'. As long as a new player actually plays the game as its meant to be played and doesn't throw the towel in if they're not always winning they'll do fine. I'll definitely be buying this on release.
  7. Good old Sony. Just as I was beginning to soften to the idea of paying the ridiculous price they’re asking for LoU remake they go and pull this move and remind me what money grubbing fuckers they really are.
  8. Does anyone know what the new video_off timeout setting is supposed to do? Other than it being apparently being "useful for OLEDs" as per the change log I can't find anything about it (although I am using my phone to browse so could have missed something). I'm hoping it might be something that stops the screen blanking one or more times when loading up some cores.
  9. Just hold the boards by the edges whenever you can and try not to touch the components if you can help it and you'll be fine.
  10. Well I was kind of hoping you'd all put me off buying another board 'just in case' but far from it. Now to find some way of convincing the missus it's a good idea.
  11. Have any of you folks bought or considered buying a second DE10-Nano just to keep as a spare but not use in case your existing one fails. On one hand it could be a complete waste of £260 that I could really do without spending, particularly with things as they are at the moment. But like all insurance it could be the best money I’ve ever spent. They’re only going up in price generally, but at some point in time Terasic will stop making them and unless there’s already an affordable alternative board that the community has moved over to which seems unlikely, then they’ll almost certainly rocket in price. That’s if you can get one at all of course. It’s hard to know what to do, but the MiSTer has quickly become my favourite gaming ‘thing’ and what I’d rescue from a burning building straight after my missus and the dog.
  12. Massive thanks to @Colonel Panic and @Tomdominer for their advice yesterday regarding editing the downloader.ini file. Been having a play about with it this morning and after a shaky start where all my filters got deleted, I did the sensible thing and read up on what I was doing and have got everything working perfectly with a super clean installation. Well pleased with it. Cheers guys.
  13. Cheers guys. That looks like a good solution after all then. Not exactly what I'd envisaged but when I sit down to play a game it'll give me the experience I'm looking for. I'll have a play later. Much appreciated.
  14. Ah right okay, maybe not the solution for me then. One of the things I love the most about MiSTer is watching update_all do it's job and seeing new Arcade cores appear and download.
  15. Yeah I'd considered that. Does that stop new cores from being downloaded unless you add them into the configuration?
  16. Does anyone know of a way to hide cores from the main menu? I want to keep getting new ones and retain and keep updating all of the existing ones but it would sooth my mild OCD if I could only see the cores that I'm interested in at any given time.
  17. Well nothing to report from the TV shops other than blank looks unfortunately. eBay and Facebook marketplace it is.
  18. Mainly just to keep dust out and so it's a bit more robust I suppose if you're picking it up and moving it about.
  19. That and eBay are going to be my next port of call if the local shops prove unfruitful. I'm sure I'm going to be disappointed but I just can't get it out of my head that they might have a lovely boxed one that they've never done anything with, dusty and hidden away at the back of the storeroom.
  20. I’m going out this afternoon on a hunt for a decent CRT. There are at least a couple of small independent TV / TV Repair / Aerial installation places within the local vicinity and in my head their store rooms have got at least a couple of nice brand new and boxed 21” Sony televisions just waiting to be discovered. I’ve got absolutely no idea where I’ll actually keep it if I do get one but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Wish me luck!
  21. Like I mentioned above you’ll end up paying around £55. They send via FedEx and declare everything at correct value. Best £275 you’ll ever spend
  22. I bought mine direct about 3 months ago and it cost me £210 plus £55 import costs. If you can at all afford the little bit extra it costs then it's a no brainer. Having had one now I'd pay whatever I could afford if I needed to replace it.
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