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  1. The perfect of example of the difference between doing something for love versus money.
  2. My examples are just that and of course they won’t apply to everyone but for me it’s important that I don’t need to concern myself with which console a game is being released on. Whenever a console game is announced that I think looks interesting I know I’ll be able to play it. Different people have different priorities and there’s nothing wrong with that.
  3. No, I mean I’m up North. Gloucestershire is very much down South for me.
  4. Love the RMC videos and weekly podcast. Not sure I’d ever make the trip from here up North, but it does look really good.
  5. Not at all. As mentioned above I can go months without touching one or more of each generations consoles but importantly they’re there waiting for you when you do want them. I don’t understand how people get on without all the formats. What do you do when a new Mario or Zelda game comes out and you don’t have a Switch, the latest Halo game comes out when you don’t have an Xbox or the new Last of Us comes out and you don’t have a PlayStation for example?
  6. Killing humans, zombies and aliens in games doesn’t bother me in the slightest although FPS games aren’t generally the kind of games i’ll play anyway. However I do struggle with killing anything resembling an animal so while I’ve played Monster Hunter I did find it pretty distasteful. I’m really not sure what that says about me.
  7. Other than a small handful of occasions where I’ve lost interest for a couple of months at a time, video games have been my passion in life since first picking up a Master System thirty some years ago. Being old enough at the time to be buying stuff myself and going in hard at the beginning got me into the import scene early on and since then I’ve had all the main consoles during their lifetimes. I learned early on that there’s always something on every machine that I’ll want to play. So I just buy each console as it comes out. It doesn’t bother me that each console can sometimes go months and months without being used (I’ve not used my PS5 since maybe December) as I know that at some point it’ll be their turn. I don’t drink, I don’t eat out often, I don’t drive a fancy car and I don’t wear fancy clothes. Having access to all the consoles each generation brings me a lot of happiness and I’m therefore content with my life choices. Edit - Ignore my comment about not using the PS5 since December. I completely forgot about Elden Ring!
  8. Proof again after the recent N64 debacle that if you really care about these old games and don't have the originals then 'piracy' is always the answer. When I can buy ROMs that I can use on my Mister or in my EverDrives then that's when I'll start paying for them.
  9. Cave shooter Guwange has been given a public release over night and is available via update_all now.
  10. I’d love this to differ from every other Star Wars TV series in that there are more than one in three episodes worth watching while the rest are absolute filler where the characters go off on side missions barely related to the main plot. I’m unconvinced yet remain open minded.
  11. That’s exactly my feeling about it. There are games out there with bigger scope, better graphics and sound and much more variety. But Tetris on the Game Boy is distilled perfection. It’s everything it needs to be. Nothing less and nothing more. I genuinely don’t think there’ll ever be a more perfect video game.
  12. If I could only play one game for the rest of my life…
  13. Completely different times. Mandalorian is set after Return of the Jedi. Kenobi is set before A New Hope.
  14. Putting aside any CG issues which I couldn’t see due to a) watching on my phone and b) having blurry just woken up eyesight, I think that looks fantastic. Really looking forward to it.
  15. Everything was out of stock about 5 minutes after my post. I guess with the current ‘unpredictable’ state of affairs in Ukraine both they and the majority of customers wouldn’t want to be taking / paying money for items with no definite production and when everything sells almost as soon as it’s put on the website there’s really no benefit to taking pre-orders without payment upfront.
  16. Ah okay. Cheers for the confirmation. It’s probably me doing something wrong or not reading the instructions properly. I’ll have another go tomorrow.
  17. Yes update all gets it. Been playing it this afternoon. Lots of fun.
  18. I've just had one of the 8Bitdo M30 USB Pads and an 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adaptor 2 delivered. I've got them working fine but it seems like I need to re-pair them every time I turn the Mister on or do a Cold Reboot. Is that how it should work or have I done something wrong somewhere?
  19. Krikzz has put some new bits of stock up but the site is getting a real spanking at the moment so it's difficult to get on there.
  20. Yeah. Mine is one of the batch they’d found at the beginning of April after the war had started so I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a new one or an old one.
  21. The Everdrive X3 that I ordered from Krikzz finally arrived this morning from Ukraine and seems to work like a charm on my Pocket.
  22. Yeah maybe. I was thinking it might work if it launched the ROM in a paused state before releasing a second or two later the TV would have time to sync up or whatever it needs to. I’ve got literally almost no idea how any of this works though so probably just wishful thinking.
  23. That’s the kind of thing I thought might work but I can’t see one (at least not using the script to edit it anyway).
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