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  1. Like @spanx I think I just ran out of the energy needed to play it due to its intensity and decided I needed to play something less stressful for a while (Kirby in my case). I think I’m about 40 hours in give or take. I do fully intend to continue and still believe it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played but I need to wait for the right mood.
  2. Keep them for a couple of weeks in case of an initial problem and then straight in the bin. Life's too short to keep boxes.
  3. Too right! I’m lucky to get a text message these days.
  4. I’ve decided that I needed to finally pull the trigger on one of these and stuck an order in for the DE10 Nano directly with Terasic this morning. Seems like it may cost me a bit more that way when you take into account shipping and import costs but in this time of shortages I think going direct is probably worth it.
  5. Ah right I wasn’t aware. I’m 100% digital and so when I’d looked into the best way to buy the whole Stan Lee / Steve Ditko run the Masterworks releases looked like the best way to do it.
  6. Just been tracking the Everdrive GB X3 I ordered a week or so back. The red pin marks its location in Ukraine, thankfully couldn't be much further away from Russia if it tried...
  7. The Masterworks books collect early Spider-Man but they’re sold out seemingly in paper form… https://www.amazon.co.uk/Amazing-Spider-Man-Masterworks-Vol-Marvel-ebook/dp/B00AAJQVBS Less than a fiver digitally though at the moment if that’s suitable?
  8. Apologies if cross posting is frowned upon but I thought this might be of interest to people in this thread…
  9. 8 frames of lag is pretty appalling and don’t forget, no matter how bad our old man reactions are they don’t offset other forms of lag but are compounded with them.
  10. The Krikkz store is back up and running again with some stuff in stock so if you're after anything in particular it's worth a look as soon as you can. I wanted the GBA and X7 GB Carts but they're both now out of stock. Ended up going for the X3 GB cart in the end which will hopefully tide me over and fingers crossed work in my Pocket until I can get hold of an X7.
  11. I’ve not paid yet and so will send over that response and see what happens. I assume refusing to pay until they remove the fee can’t mess up your credit rating or anything since you’ve not entered into an agreement with them?
  12. It’s all well and good ‘boycotting’ art because of the artist but where is the line drawn? Is it just art? What if I’ve got a particularly odious local Tory MP who’s voted for all kinds of appalling policies but has also directly influenced the creation of a lovely park in the area? Should I deprive myself of enjoying that because of their involvement? If not then why should I deprive myself of enjoying a film or book etc made by someone who’s views or actions I also disagree with?
  13. Other than a few hours of Bloodborne I don’t think I’ve ever played another From game and certainly none of the Souls games. I’ve been playing computer / video games for almost 40 years and I genuinely believe that Elden Ring is possibly the best game I’ve ever played.
  14. BotW is absolutely ace, but no it really doesn’t. Elden Ring is chock full of discovery after discovery as well as lots of jaw dropping views and makes BoTW feel distinctly empty in comparison.
  15. Very positive news this morning from Krikzz...
  16. Just had this little beauty delivered. It’s lovely. Heavier than you’d expect and rock solid.
  17. The ComiXology / Amazon sales are dangerous aren’t they? I need to stop looking. I bought the first volume of The Immortal Hulk earlier this month, enjoyed it and decided I’d buy one new volume a month like I do with the other runs I’m following at the moment. Yesterday though I notice that they’re all in the sale for the next few days and and I can buy all remaining volumes for just shy of £26! I was trying not spend anything else this month but how can you resist at prices like that?
  18. That’s very kind but it’s only going to sit on a shelf out of the direct light so I’ll never see the mark. Much appreciated though. Cheers.
  19. Cheers. Will probably just keep it in that case then. After a good clean in all the nooks and crannies it really is in fantastic condition. No yellowing at all and just the tiniest mark on the screen that you can only see if you tilt it into the light. Might see if I can get some kind of a display stand off Etsy as it’ll look nice filling in a bit of space on a shelf.
  20. Can anyone advise what I might realistically might be able to ask for an unboxed but pretty much immaculate original Game Boy? Found this morning at my partners parents house that’s being cleared out. I’ll never want to use it or mod it myself as I’ve got a Pocket coming but I’m thinking of either keeping as an ornament for my office / games room or maybe selling if they’re worth a reasonable amount.
  21. I believe there’s a demo on the store so you can give it a go and see if you find it too jarring. I’m 60fps all the way too if I’m given the choice but I don’t find 30fps too bad as long as I can’t make a direct comparison. Edit - Sorry, I see you mentioned the demo.
  22. Got a notification this morning from FedEx saying that my Pocket is being delivered on Monday. Nothing at all yet from Analogue but I assume I’ll get something from them later today to say it’s shipped too.
  23. Really excited for this. The first game was great.
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