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  1. reef

    Edge #346

    No email for me either
  2. reef

    Microsoft Rewards

    I got the full 1000 on Toybox Turbos, it's quite an addictive "just one more go" micro machines clone. Luck based but charming enough to be forgiven. I planned to get one achievement per day for the rewards but couldn't help myself wrapping it all up in a couple of days. As always TrueAchievements is the place to look for easy achievements: The fastest game completions in Xbox Game Pass for console
  3. I'm finding this a bloody life saver. I usually teach Les Mills fitness classes 5 times per week outside my office job and since lock down kicked in, I have really struggled for motivation. I have never enjoyed working out at home, always had to physically go to gyms to use equipment and to be in a proper mind-set. Since lock down, I've been out 2-3 times per week for a gentle 7km run, but I hadn't performed any resistance training whatsoever. I finished World 4 at lunchtime, level 30, completing every exercise in full even when killing the enemies and I can already see a difference in muscle tone. I get a proper sweat on and a little breathless, I assumed it would be a walk in the park. The best thing is I can see myself sticking with this until the gyms re-open. I have no idea what I would have done without it.
  4. reef

    Xbox Game Pass

    They’ve said it’s coming to Xbox towards the end of the year but not yet given a specific date. It was always PC only until around E3 time last year when they confirmed an Xbox port.
  5. My GAME order still says unshipped, hmm...
  6. Got one in with Game too, thanks for the heads up
  7. I know I will be in the minority but I don't understand why next season shouldn't be the one to be contracted. Finish this season when they can, when everything is safe and well once again, even if it is the start of next year. If required we should just have a half 2020-21 season, or something similar. At least at the start of next season they can set out the amended rules and conditions.
  8. Many thanks, bought on the Oculus store and just had a great 30 minutes while on my working from home lunch break.
  9. Hope you don't mind me asking these questions here. I have just received an Oculus Quest, my first foray into VR, specifically to play Beat Saber. Would you advise I buy the game on the Oculus store, or on Steam? I want to be able to play custom songs but do plan to buy Green Day and Panic! At The Disco packs at some point. I also want to play Half-Life Alyx which I can't see on Oculus Store. I assume I need to use Oculus Link for that. Do I need to keep the Quest connected to the PC all the while I am playing the game, or is it just for installing and then I can disconnect?
  10. Absolutely made up for every single game one of them. Fully deserved, by far the better team throughout. I say we disrespect the cup from now on and keep playing the kids. Bloody heroes the lot of them.
  11. Just came in to ask if anyone had a stream. Is this because we are playing an understrength team / no Klopp?
  12. That goal has just put the biggest smile on my face. Love the celebration so much.
  13. I'm up for an Arcains forum meetup. I live in Aigburth so not far for me to travel, and I've still yet to check the place out. Very happy to chip in with any cocktail buying.
  14. Thanks for the update. Does that mean Gris is coming to XBOX or is it PC only and on the list because of Game Pass?
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