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  1. Williams with the first decent ball into the box on 88 mins and every one of our players fully stationary on theirs heels just watching it.
  2. Can any of our players shoot from outside the box AND hit the target?
  3. That’s one of those red cards you really don’t need to check.
  4. Still no sign of the latest issue, just logged on to ask for a replacement and it says it's out of stock. This will be at least the 4th month in a row my issue has been several days late. I will contact them to see what they might recommend. This service is currenlty in the toilet and it will be a terrible shame to cancel a subscription I've had for more than 15 years.
  5. Mine still hasn’t turned up.
  6. I 100% agree with that. I really meant, this team is good enough to win more trophies, and if they play well enough, they will deserve to win more trophies.
  7. What is frustrating is that so much of our passing was poor over the Xmas period. Tighten that up slightly and you get the wins. Today, the 4 on 2 at the very end, just find Ox with a better pass and you are in. Several times we overhit the pass at the wrong time, you can see the tension in the play. I agree that Henderson and Fabinho looked way off today, not far behind were Trent and van Dijk. Let’s get a good result on Thursday, this team deserves to win more trophies.
  8. We are all happy for you to post there, as long as it’s not along the same shite as spouted by Tyler. Critical analysis of the match is fine, spouting absolute nonsense probably won’t be.
  9. Anthony Taylor is an absolute dogshit of a referee. He’s giving them everything now. Any contact, they go down, free kick. Any dive, they go down, free kick. Any elbows in the face, fair challenge.
  10. Henderson not helping anyone with his passing today.
  11. Couldn’t wait to book him either.
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