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  1. As long as you promise never, ever to play me back to myself, especially as Glenda.
  2. Woah, woah, woah. Simon the clerk Holfstad was just doing his job! @Totile It was good to have you along as well. Gazes definitely had those spiders. Definitely.
  3. That was fun It's nice to play something a bit different and in your face. Poor Glenda though, nobody understands her.
  4. Glenda was a soldier, a good soldier, she isn't a soldier any more, happily retired, wants to explore the world. The end.
  5. I've pinged Friend 2, and he can read the thread He's happy to join our session on Sunday too! Have offered to help with character building, etc as well and I can also help @Nathan Wind if he wants it. Happy with Milestone levelling and genuinely happy with any campaign. My wee dwarf laddie is just out for adventure. Doesn't really care what or how, but is interested in smooshing stuff up! It's exciting. I think I'll roll for stats, but given I'll be up front for the first time in any campaign ever, I'm definitely not leaving my HP up to chance, I'll be taking the average, I don't think Ari rolled higher than a 4 the entire last campaign for her HP.
  6. Well, if we are still in initiative, Ari has 7 rounds left of her wings and flying.
  7. Going out for birthday dinner, table is booked for half five so I should be back in time. I definitely won’t be too late if at all. If you go ahead to start without me, Ari is straight after Krynn - no questions asked. Right through the portal after them. I may also be tipsy by then so that’s going to serve the group well.
  8. I rolled 2hp Had some really terrible rolls. I also get 2 more Magical Secrets so that is going to take some thinking
  9. Uh huh, I'm around this week and next week for definite! Week after is looking a little shaky but will do my best.
  10. Merry Christmas to my D&D buddies. I hope you all have a lovely day.
  11. Have sent the link in Discord. If I'm unable to make Sunday, the mandolin has used it's daily charge of cure wounds and invisibility. I did buy the mandolin on D&D beyond, but the charges on there aren't clear what I have used them for.
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