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  1. I'm literally counting the hours until I finish work to get stuck in. (57 minutes to go!)
  2. Offiical release date is the 10th, so I thought the 3 days was starting from today Just wasn't sure what time.
  3. Apparently pre-orders come with 3 days early access, I've been trying to get confirmation from my pre-order place that we will indeed get the keys today but they just keep directing me to their FAQs (which doesn't mention Early Access at all) so I have no idea if I'll be getting a key today or Monday. I was very looking forward to getting stuck in to this over the weekend, it looks really great. I was very late to Hunt and I feel that these games are going to offer an entirely new experience being in with the influx of new players as everyone will be on that even footing going th
  4. How many PS5 owners are there in the UK? I can't find anything solid other than a figure of 450,000 which seems... low.
  5. Yes. I bought a PS5 knowing full well that there would be games that were going to cost this amount. I'll perhaps stop double dipping so much and be more considerate of my choice of platform, but I have no issue with paying £70 for a game.
  6. We couldn't get on to play last night, so decided to go to bed at 9pm instead of playing, and set our alarms for 4am to play whilst the servers weren't as overloaded. It worked, until 6.15am when people started to wake up
  7. The Hunting Horn is absolutely filthy right now. Is the first time I've "mained" it.
  8. I'm quite happy for Breek to spend some time at home with her momma! I think it will take her some time to recover from this. As for me, I think I need a little break from D&D for a bit It's been great as always playing, and thank you for being such a fun DM!
  9. Kay, well, let's just say we won and call it evens, yeah? Cool. (Hope work eases up for you soon! )
  10. I finally got caught up with MSQ earlier in the week just so I could enjoy the showcase announcement without fear of spoilers. I’m still not over it. At about 2.24 in the trailer, it’s him isn’t it?
  11. Rikku

    NIOH 2

    If anyone wants some jolly co-op on PC, please give me a shout. I've played the games for hundreds of hours on PS4, got the platinum, and I'm still a massive noob that doesn't understand half the systems. I just spent hours yesterday being summoned in to randoms to help them with the first and second boss fights. It was good fun. I love the start of games like this when I can lead people around the map, backflipping in front of little Kodamas and stuff. Then getting a boss kill. Or watching them die
  12. Pretty much, I don't think Breek has ever NOT sharpshooted since she has been able to. She takes her sharpshooting VERY seriously.
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