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  1. For sure, I was using the Gloomhaven dial for my HP and PP and we used d20s for health tracking on the monsters - die at the feet of the standees! I can definitely see using the other tricks as well! Random scribble pad for changes. I would like to have a laminated sheet - ala Hexplore It for the tracking of the stats!
  2. What a special game this is. I knew I would love it from the moment I backed it on Kickstarter, and really, really happy to have finally gotten to play it properly! Story One told us it would take 90 minutes, but I think it took us a good 5 hours? There was quite a few rules references on the way, and obviously a couple of comfort breaks, so I expect it will be quicker when we're more up to speed on all of the rules. Biggest complaints of the game on BGG, or probably the most common complaints is the combat is too random or luck based. I found it perfect. Exactly what I expect from a dice based combat system. Roll to hit, add or subtract modifiers, roll for damage, add or subtract modifiers. I'm gutted that the one and only natural 100 I rolled was when I was controlling the BOSS, then maxed out the damage I rolled on our poor Avenging Madman. The other common complaint is that the game is very punishing for a 2 character set up. I can see how this would be an issue if I hadn't been playing a healer type character. Plus we got some very lucky rolls for items quite early on, and some nice heirlooms. I think we were evenly matched by the time we met the affliction and dealing good amounts of damage. The writing isn't exactly the best, but it's definitely not the worst I have seen. I also really like that the choices we made had consequences - and you're not quite sure whether something is going to help you massively, or come back and bite you on the bum later. My character being a do-gooder did something he thought was the right thing to do and was rewarded well later, the Avenging Madman did something and almost lost a finger at a later time. It definitely adds to the RPG feel of the game when you decide to do something your character would do. Just got to deal with a small case of Lycanthropy before starting on story 2 tomorrow...
  3. Why would he need to do that?! Breek is going to get back to her mama, and live happily ever after as a hero! Right?! Or maybe come across her tribe, and spend holidays with mama Pam!
  4. Thanks to @Nathan Wind, I have my very own Breek, with added Bim! Absolutely gorgeous and the loveliest present ever.
  5. Mmmhmm. Especially the bit where I forgot I had a child to put to bed.
  6. Looks as though he might be resting up so we haven't had any input from him. Should we delay for a week if it's got the potential to be a big one?
  7. I'm going to TRY and not let the 100% completionist in me take over this playthrough. That will be as successful as your little peek. I'm really, really happy with what I've played so far. It looks and sounds awesome, and it's great to be playing Xenoblade again.
  8. I can't even remember who or what a Zimos is or why I loved them so much! This is a gooooood day to find out.
  9. "surprisingly smooth wins" = Rikku rocked Journey's in Middle Earth - 3 chapters from the end we realised that we had made a crucial error and had made scrub mode slightly easier on ourselves than it should have been. I'm really looking forward to trying the DLC or a replay of the original campaign to see how we go against it. Have also pre-ordered the first big expansion for it. Have decided that this will probably be the app driven game that I go all in on. I have the core sets of Descent and Mansions of Madness, but neither have seen anywhere near the same play as Journeys. Although I suspect Descent might be the next skypeable journey.
  10. That was at Nate. He kept telling me you were on the brink of being stabbed or you were all about to die. I couldn’t tell if he was messing with me or not as I missed so much.
  11. Just to say, I have one copy of Tabletop SImulator in my steam inventory that I can gift, I bought a 4 pack ages ago and the last copy has been sitting gathering dust. If anyone wants it, please gimme a shout.
  12. Played quite a few chapters of Journeys in Middle earth over the weekend, think we're getting near to the end of the original campaign. Have really enjoyed this and would be happy to play through it again with a different set of characters, Gimli is an absolute beast at taking down bad guys though. I'll miss him! Has anyone purchased the DLC campaign? Just wondered if it was more of the same - if so then I'll be all over it! But think we might try Descent 2nd Edition campaign first or maybe even a skype Folklore Affliction campaign playthrough, just have to work out the logistics of the latter!
  13. Yeah, taking B in was always going to be messy, I did consider asking him if he wanted to wait on the boat! But decided against it in the end. I missed the entire queen speech due to the little one being incredibly unsettled tonight (he had a mouse in his room...) so I kept having to go sit with him as he was a bit scared. But kept coming back in time to do crits! That was a horrible choice to make though, with 3 down, advantage, one spell slot left... my heal does very little as well, whoever I got up would have had to survive long enough to get another heal off on someone else and it could have been a wasted round to get back to exactly the same position. Very lucky!
  14. Oh man, it's such a fun game @Nathan Wind linked me to something on board game geek, an episodic type story mode for it which might be of interest after you've played a few games! It looked really neat. https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/197345/horrified-story-mode-s01
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