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  1. Rikku

    Hai deefles! o

  2. Happy Birthday Emurz! I hope you got everything you wished for and moar! x

  3. Hehe thank you! Am sure will get loads of lovely pressies tomorrow when I wake up :) x

  4. RIP compy. :( Glad to hear that you are good. Not been up to much, usual really. :D Looking forward to christmas!

  5. Hai! Aww dun worry about not being around, I hope you're all good in your new place and stuff? :D

  6. hey you, am fine! You okay?

  7. hehehe, you will need to teach me the art!

  8. :D Better safe than sorry! I'm sure you'll be fine so long as you have something. :) Tis a scream pub so should accept most IDs.
  9. Ahh I'm sure you will be fine! I went out for a cig at the last one, and got asked for ID on the way back in. Didn't have any though >/emoticons/Newlogo_biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20">

  10. Hehe, heya ^^ I was right nervous meeting everyone last time, but they were all lovely.

  11. I'm still pending approval! CRY! mee-mee-meeeep

  12. lurking back at you!

  13. Wheeee! Mee-mee-meeeeep.

  14. Awww :( Hope it gets better soon!

  15. Wheee hugz!!!!!

  16. i'm the worst, even worsterer than you.

  17. Caught :(

    Do I get upgraded from a F- to an E for effort now? :P

  18. And it burns, burns. burns, in the ring of fire! :P

  19. Nah I stopped playing WoW quite a while ago :)

    LOTRO is where all the cool kids are at ;)

    Heya Chico :)

  20. Ello :) Meliek was indeed very cool :( But not as cool as Pip! :D

  21. Are j00 there? :P

  22. Gnomes with pink hair are the best!

    RIP Pippie.

  23. Hello you! :)

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