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  1. @MajoraTo get world 1 pure white I killed the boss of 1-1, 1-2 and then I killed: (But hadn't died in human form)
  2. Although, in saying that, we played a lot of co-op yesterday, and we didn't get invaded once...
  3. I don't think it would protect you from other invasions. Right? Surely not, just that if you are trying to arrange an invasion like @Tomdominerthat it's an easy way for us to do that and bypass being in the soul level range?
  4. Am not sure, maybe I have misread it... It says: "Allow password-enabled invasions to bypass normal restrictions"
  5. As in, do we have to be in similar SL ranges? Oh wait, we can password invasions too?! Password I have set is rllmuk (all lower case) Do you want me to come invade you now?!
  6. Just done some co-oping with Nate. I created a new character for the purpose as my strength gal was way out of range. She's done something like 8 bosses compared to his one, so it felt more fun to get someone a bit closer in level. I created a royal and jeez louise, what a different game. Just to test things out I went human and summoned him in for my 1-2, completing that boss made him human, so I went back to the nexus, killed myself and in his human form he was able to summon me in to do his 1-2. To keep progression going in his game I killed myself again and he summoned me to his 2-1. After the boss, he of course got all SHINY SHINY and ran off and got himself killed. So I'll summon him next time to do my 2-1 and then that should make him human to continue progression in his game. It's a bit of a leapfrog system and we always run the risk of one of us dying, but I suppose if you want to play the game co-op - then this leapfrog system would be the way to do it without using a ton of the stones. Was lovely fun.
  7. Wasn't the estus flask more limited? You can have 50 each of the two early types of grass and 25 of the better one. That's 125 healing consumables! As long as you are willing to put in the farm time... (I was practicing my parry and backstab timings on the blue skellies just before TK and quite quickly got to the max grass types as those guys always drop them)
  8. I have been dreading 3-1. Got a bow to +7 to range those fucks. Got to the bottom without dying, just gently, gently, crawly, crawly. And then thought, fuck it. And tried to get a hidden trophy. At which point, a barrage of requests hits my screen. @Nathan WindFUCK. I die. Then I spend the next 40 minutes trying to make my way to the bottom again, getting lost, as he watches in glee at my hopeless antics. Finally got back to the bottom. Nailed the secret trophy. Went on to the boss for a first time win. Yeaaaaaahhhhh. All while "coaching" him through screen sharing on what he was doing.
  9. 7 stops away!! And it's the one that was ordered for a friend. yay.
  10. Awww yeah, mine has changed about 15 times in the last hour. Gone from 11pm to:
  11. Eyyy Nice one! I can't even get on to it. It's not for me, I have 3 arriving today. (3!) But my sister wants one for my nephew, so I'm desperately trying to secure one for her. The spare I had she had no interest in, so I offered it elsewhere, now she is desperately trying to get one for my nephew for xmas. Sigh.
  12. Asda have "pre-order now" for delivery by 15th December. Haven't been able to get on to game or other sites...
  13. I am feeling a bit under the weather on this day, I'm going to give tonight a miss. Breek has 12 HP left, but the ape has 121. Breek has 2 x 1 level spell slots, and 1 x 2nd level left. https://ddb.ac/characters/37582185/bzxgV8
  14. Sure. Played some of the legends mode last night, was quite a lot of fun in Story Mode but have yet to try survival mode. Does anyone know if you can go in with less than the 4 players?
  15. Rikku

    NIOH 2

    But the update for Ghosties hits today as well! The new fist weapons are a lot of fun. Feel like a bad ass monk type in them, and that's with entirely the wrong armour and stats, etc. Need to look at a proper build for them.
  16. My early thoughts on this. My laptop doesn't run it very well, despite being above the minimum requirements. The in-game settings auto detects "Ultra", however GeForce Experience "optimises" everything to very low. There is lip synching issues. Clipping issues. Awful pop-up. Crashes to desktop. Bugs. All of the bugs. But, it's early access. Larian have been super clear about that. It's very early access and they are listening to feedback and already have the first round of patch notes and hot fixes ready. If you ever watched the gameplay live streams with the devs, you could tell this was going to be one buggy hot mess. With that out of the way! I think I spent an hour in the character creation alone. I've not yet met an NPC that I haven't liked, and more importantly the voice acting is super. I think the narrator in particular is fantastic. The facial animations and lip syncing when it works, makes me really excited for what this game could be. I've seen what the game can look like on a high end spec, and it looks gorgeous. I have a new machine on the way, so hopefully I'll get to experience that for myself in a couple of weeks! It's the most 5E video game I have ever played, I feel that they have translated the systems beautifully. As a 5E D&D player, I don't think I could have asked for a better implementation. I was very concerned that this would feel more like Divinity than Baldur's Gate, but I think it's safe to say that isn't the case. The aesthetics and UI are very similar, of course, but it's different enough for me. (I adore the Divinity series, but I didn't want a new Divinity set in a D&D world so that's quite the relief). You can still do the whole exploding barrells, using potatoes as weapons, cause huge elemental explosions thing, but I feel that there is less emphasis on it. I'm trying really hard not to reload saves when I do terrible rolls on my skill checks and just living with the consequences. I think I'm going to hold off playing much more until my new rig arrives and then get stuck in properly.
  17. Going in I don't know why I do this to myself. My head always tells me to just wait, but every time...
  18. 16th October! Hype! @Nathan Wind@Takizawa Samurai, prepare to assemble!
  19. Rikku

    Tokyo Game Show

    It was this Unsure if there was anything new in the TGS as haven't really compared them, should be time stamped:
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