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  1. What about GR:IT for starters. I'm up for a game of that on Friday.
  2. Its a piece of piss. I don't think you'll have any problems with it at all.
  3. I have: PGR2 GR:IT Rainbow Six 3 UC
  4. Arnie


    Send me an invite. I could do with some practice.
  5. See how soft the southerners are when they can't accept defeat and hurl accusations around
  6. ...and this just in. Two plucky Scots kicked some soft southern arse on Rainbow Six 3 this evening. The game started in a friendly enough manner until one of the opposing team mentioned nationalities. The games were bloody and tense and when asked for his comments on the game one of the bravehearts stated "It was all too easy in the end"
  7. I would naturally be representing Scotland, Land of The Brave, Home of The Free.
  8. Since I started this thread I'm in as well.
  9. Arnie


    I'll jump in as well
  10. Insta Gib capture the flag is good fun. Total mayhem! We'll need to round up some cannon fodder, ahem...I mean players for a game. Spread the word.
  11. I haven't played Unreal Championship in ages. Who still does and who fancys a game?
  12. Arnie


    All these new genres and sub-genres of heavy metal/rock just do my tits. Personally anything with a good, heavy rock or blues sound is my kind of stuff and AC/DC is the dogs bollocks. It is one of the few bands I can listen to regardless of my mood or frame of mind, and still totally enjoy the experience. I was a teenager when Iron Maiden, another great band, brought out "Live After Death" and was exposed to all sorts of musical influences. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple etc, right through to bands like Slayer and Napalm Death. A lot of the bands are still popular now and AC/DC is still one of my all time favourite bands. If you haven't listened to them, then I strongly recommend that you do.
  13. Arnie

    Camping it up!

    I have to agree with that. Atleast Ux has the decency to shoot you. I don't think he's tried remote charges yet!
  14. Right everyone, let's hear it. Who's the worst camper ever on Rainbow Six 3? I'm only a part-time camper before anyone gets any smart ideas to name and shame me.
  15. I've unlocked everything so I wouldn't mind hosting.
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