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  1. Ok, cheers for the info. I'll move on then. Well, as best I can. I'm still thinking about Philip. RIP heroic fridge-watcher (we've all been there at uni).
  2. I finished this at 4am last night, it's not that long really. The game got a little repetitive, and I didn't appreciate the 'float through red tunnels, and certain areas will insta-kill you' (was that the red corridor area that killed me right at the start??), and there's nothing especially ground-breaking (maybe graphics/physics?) but overall it was good solid fun. I found the start of the game a little tricky, when Jesse was vunerable and only had the pistol, but soon I was super OP and ploughing through enemies thoughtlessly. I don't think I died for hours until I reached the end sections,
  3. AC players watching Nintendo Direct just now.
  4. You're welcome! All I'm after is the Robust now, the discus thrower guy. Redd was here the other day but I can't even be bothered to time travel because the chance of it showing up after even two-dozen resets is so slim.
  5. Yeah, I played a lot last night so I've seen it crop up a bunch of times more. It looks like it's for control points, yeah. So, I'm getting the hang of it now. I'm even beginning to appreciate the aesthetic a lot more, which initially turned me off a bit. It gives me vibes from so many other things; X-files, Half-life, Portal...strangely even Jedi Fallen Order? I mean, she moves in a similar floaty way, plus those loot crates you open for power-ups are a lot like the ones Cal Kestis opens with BD-1. Plus gingers. *Oh shit yeah, 'force powers' too, of course. Is it a game where you
  6. Good idea. It's a lot easier that way. I think I was too tired/hot to think last night. Then I was swamped by about twenty of those exploding enemies and figured that was the wrong way, like Dark Souls graveyard skeletons. It was actually the right way and they were super easy to deal with by placing myself somewhere out of reach.
  7. Yeah, I was literally at the first cleansing point, the bit just before you meet Pope. I was taking out the mobs from the balcony easily, but there was a tougher enemy which only appeared when I jumped down and he was killing me super fast if I wasn't behind something. Crouching and poking out definitely helped me there. I just reached the power plant and things are getting more complicated. My weapon has the scatter mode (shotgun right?) and I have the throw and dodge abilities which makes fighting a lot easier, especially since I powered up the throw twice. I'm currently a bit lo
  8. @DaleyI have happened across an item that may still be of interest to you. Be sure to check your mail
  9. I started playing this last night because it's free and it would be rude not to, and...it's not easy is it? It took me a while to realise there's a crouch button which helps a lot, but it doesn't take much to wipe Jesse out, at the start at least. Also, the loading time on my PC each time I die seems pretty terrible, especially considering the game is set in small indoor environments. I just walked down a red corridor and died instantly and turned it off for the day. I'm a glutton for punishment so I'll soldier on later. It's fairly intriguing, I'll give it that. Good voice acting too.
  10. At least if they sit on the ground you can run into them a bit and they stand up. I don't know of a way to force them up if they're on a seat.
  11. I think with the archers you *have* to hit dodge, right? You can sprint parallel to them and you still get hit 100% of the time? You would think some nifty zig-zagging would avoid a direct hit.
  12. I wanted Graham. I recently got Beardo, because I got sick of the usual mystery island grind and thought that in lieu of an attractive villager I would recruit an absolute horror. He has an annoying habit of sitting down every time I enter his house so I can't gift him his daily fossil. God damn Nintendo you cheap bastards, how difficult would it have been to animate/code receiving gifts whilst sitting? I almost admire their lack of commitment.
  13. A 6.6gb (12gb on consoles?) 'visual overhaul' dropped today from nowhere...RIP my computer.
  14. That happened to me a couple of times with Coco, she was absolutely nowhere. I was worried I'd swim out to sea and find her face down, caught in the perimeter netting. I finally got her photo a couple of days back and it feels like such a weight off after months of trying.
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