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  1. Tabby is on my campsite. She looks like someone cut off her nose and lips.
  2. Ha, I've got Leif today, pointlessly standing in the rain. I don't suppose they'll alter anything else in the game, but that's great to know they did something.
  3. I'd help you out, but I ordered a fake from Spleen and it's one per day right? I had Redd the other day and quite a few people seem to have had him about lately. Do you think they tweaked his appearance rate with the update? I bloody hope so.
  4. I must've wandered past them but it didn't register for some reason. Very handy if you want to rearrange things.
  5. It's like, "No, surely Nintendo won't allow...oh, yes they do." I don't think they're very clued up on the more British stuff. Don't worry, he'll soon ask me if it's getting tired and I'll switch it to "We all float" or something. I just learnt from Reddit that...you can place houses on the beach? Wut...
  6. I've made and doled out the iron and crest doorplates...they're actually pretty ugly. I want to ask for them back. I guess I could knock up some wreaths, donate those and hope they swap it. I think I need to go have a word with Anabelle.
  7. Nope, nobody has been for days. Strangely, they all started coming out once it started raining. I have so many wreath recipes and I haven't crafted any of them.
  8. Plague! Damn, a painted red cross door decoration would be good...
  9. She has a walkman too, right? Would the rechargeable batteries of 2013 hold their charge after 24 years?
  10. Wtf, all ten of my villagers are in their houses. I've never seen that before. Is a storm coming?
  11. What's the infection 'lore' regarding where Spacehost is?
  12. In this one, they never leave without warning.
  13. Three ways: Campsite visitors. You play games with them and convince them to live there. Then they visit Nook, come back and mention a villager might want to leave. The villager they pick is random. You can keep resetting the game until they choose the one you like, but this could take many attempts and hours of mashing A to skip through the silly games/dialogue. They spontaneously want to leave. A thought bubble will appear over their head. Talk to them, they will say they're thinking of moving on. Encourage them if you want them gone. This doesn't relate to friendship levels, ignoring them, fencing off their home, pushing, hitting with nets, etc. Again, completely random as far as I know, so you could be waiting forever. Add a villager with an Amiibo. I don't have any, but supposedly it gives you complete control over who they replace. Finding a new villager: The day after an animal leaves, the house will revert to a fenced-off plot of land. At this point you want to visit mystery islands via Nook Miles Tickets. Each visit will spawn a new villager you can ask to stay on your island. The last time I did this I visited twenty islands before I settled for Zucker. Feel free to correct me if I've got any of this wrong...
  14. I leapt into the sea off the airport, dived towards the first bubbles I saw, got a scallop, then Pascal. Sweet. But...he gave me another pearl. :/
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