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  1. A week later, Larry is digging around in the back of the freezer. What's this?? Oh, what an idiot! The last ice lolly had fallen behind the frozen broccoli! Larry: (turns to camera) And this boys and girls is why you should never judge someone based on their appearance. *Curb music*
  2. Check mail! I got the crane game a few days ago. I have two on my high street. No matter how many times I try them I can't seem to win.
  3. I have an electric sign which you can customise to coffee/restaurant/etc. I popped it outside the museum of course. These supermarket shelves are pretty cool as well.
  4. It was a bit weird. Like, if I had the choice between a skinny teenager who doesn't have a clue, and this Quint-type guy that looks like he's been doing manual labour for forty years, I'm not going to give a fuck that he's got a bit of a belly on him.
  5. Earlier in the year I played through it twice, got the plat, but I don't remember anything like that. This website might be helpful; https://www.taminggaming.com/en-gb/game/Ghost+of+Tsushima
  6. God dammit Stumpy!! Nah, it's fine of course. Do items not transfer from the DLC then? That's crappy. Everyone keep an eye out for them anyways, plz. @shirubagan Just heading over with some bits!
  7. I can send if anyone wants one? I have a chandelier in the shop too if anyone wants that. Does anyone have a cement mixer or scaffolding?
  8. Received! Thank you! I just got a strange recipe from an island...not sure if it's new.
  9. I don't have any of those! I'll just take one though if that's ok. Let some others choose first? I have the following recipes but I doubt anyone needs them: Pine bonsai Coloured-leaves flooring Leo sculpture I've been picking them up on Kapp'n islands. Got the Torii, love it thanks @Meatball
  10. When I get home, sure. I'd love a Torii! I mean obviously. Edit: Sent!
  11. @Meatball Cheers for the luxury car! Looks ace. I got up too late today for turnips. Apparently instead of bamboo shoots she mails you some turnip recipes now?
  12. I think you do actually pick it up? It just doesn't do anything until you have the upgrade. You can actually sequence break btw. It was mentioned earlier in the thread that one of the boss fights is designed to let you one shot it if you managed to get an upgrade early. Granted it's not something you're likely to stumble across without a guide.
  13. Yeah, it's pretty great how now you only ever need one of something and you can go unlock the rest yourself. Anyway, that'd be grand, thanks. Anyone in need of an excavator or steamroller? @StumpyJohn I sent you a rusty tank which is vaguely farm-y, plus some hanging shelves. Not sure if I sent those already, but oh well.
  14. Tissues below also...not very subtle. Cheers for the truck @SteveH I like it! I'm going to have to build a parking spot because right now it's blocking a path completely. I wouldn't mind the black limo also if someone would be kind enough, because y'know, Lan Di. I have one of those baobab trees if anyone fancies one. They're not really going to suit my preferred biome. It actually snowed on my island yesterday. The villagers had their winter hats out. I'm still upset that there aren't gradations of settled snow.
  15. All I was saying was, if you have the DLC and a villager in a starter house, you can get them to switch to their signature house if you talk to Isabelle?
  16. When you first start the game your original villagers are put in these very plain looking houses instead of their signature houses. Here you can see the difference with Merengue. I'm not sure how many starter houses you get. I think it might only be the first three houses.
  17. The percentage relates to collected items (rockets/health tanks/etc) and has nothing to do with the colour of the rooms on the map. Whizzing about every inch of every room is just for the weirdos (I did a fair bit of it, tbf). You're not even able to 'clear' most rooms until you have the space jump, so stop worrying and crack on. Btw, I started playing Hollow Knight and... Metroid Dread is a piece of piss compared to that. Samus can tank so much damage, where as Hollow Knight feels like playing a steady hand game that goes BZZZZZZZZ with the blurred screen effect if there is even the tiniest collision.
  18. Apparently if you have the DLC you can tell Isabelle that a villager's home is upsetting you and they'll immediately switch from the basic starter interior to their personal interior... I don't suppose many of us still have villagers in the starter houses. I said goodbye to Merengue because of her crap starter house.
  19. Sending Motherly and Amazing (when the damn game updates...) Edit: Ok, done. Can send Calm and Proper tomorrow if you like? I just got my first shooting star island with Kapp'n. It's worth heading to Katrina first because if she says you have good luck, you're more likely to get one of the rare Kapp'n islands. If she says you have bad luck, you can be purified (10,000 bells) and she'll send an item the next day. I received a crystal ball. I picked up the Leo recipe if anyone needs it. I'm still after Libra which I've missed for two years, oops.
  20. Hmm, honestly I would be surprised if it gives you that much power over the original island, but I don't know much at all about the DLC. I know that without the DLC you can offer to buy things in villager homes, effectively scrubbing those items you gifted them and aren't fond of. I actually maxed out the Sprout out loud and Executive producer badges already by continuously digging up and replanting crops. Kinda weird to have a purely decorative wheat field item when you can grow wheat, but it does look a lot better. A rice paddy would be nice.
  21. I mean, isn't your title 'something Bellionaire'? And your house has six rooms whilst they all have one. And you have a safe filled with gold bars? A little self-awareness please Stumpy... Honestly I wish it were possible to help upgrade their houses. I actually thought you could when I originally bought the game and that's basically what the DLC turned out to be, albeit on another island.
  22. I combo'd space jumping and dash. Dunno how you'd stay ahead of the fire without dashing also.
  23. You just have to circumnavigate him, staying in front of his fire. It's easy when you get the hang of it. You space jump upwards, dash twice past him one way, fall to the floor and dash twice past him the other way.
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