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  1. All good, I like the honest feedback we get here. I'm amazed we haven't had more errors after all this time (we probably have, and people were too polite to point them out).
  2. To be fair to Matthew, I rushed him somewhat on recording this episode and he is kicking himself about the error – no doubt next week's episode will feature five minutes of us being contrite about it 😂
  3. Seems harsh to me (podcasts are very hard to discover without promotion), but to each their own. Glad people like the Neil episode – aiming for one mag guest per month this year!
  4. Cheers. We will have more mag guests this year (per your 'much poorer for it' comment), but the content mix will largely stay the same.
  5. Happy to ask him! I think Andy is enjoying it more and more with each guest appearance, so would love to have him back a bunch more times if there's an idea that captures his imagination.
  6. It was just because Matthew dunks on the likes of Crash/Jak/Ratchet a lot so they're fresh in the memory. In retrospect, that question didn't really go anywhere in this episode or prove a point 😂
  7. You're too kind. We don't really get anything but positivity through our direct channels so it's refreshing to get an honest temperature check on here. Honestly, I try not to second guess the episode ideas too much because we got it this far, with lots of lovely supporters backing us. As for guests, it comes in waves. We just happened to have a bunch this month. It's true I like to expand the remit of the pod by bringing in experts as identified. But November is just going to be me and Matthew discussing God of War, revisiting Cyberpunk and some other bullshit. Eventually, no matter your tastes, it *should* swing back around to something you like.
  8. But then, is it done when every other bit of feedback is positive for this week's episode? I would like more peril, but people seem to enjoy the bullshit around it. Might log out and wipe my internet history so you can discuss the pod in peace 😂
  9. I think the lesson I take from the discussion here (other than that my laugh holds back the podcast's ability to be a sleeping aid) is that no one exactly agrees on what a variety podcast's strengths are.
  10. We only really made a Dreamcast episode because people asked for it. We normally avoid subjects where one of us doesn't know the subject at least a little – I can't imagine we'll do another Sega episode anytime soon. "The misremembered things, the misunderstood or poorly explained mechanics, the down right inaccuracies." Adding this to our accolades 😂
  11. The least popular option in the poll by far, so it'll likely be just the two of us if and when we do it 😂
  12. Co-host Samuel, here. Thanks for the Patreon support, folks! Nice that people on here seem to enjoy the pod. Since it was mentioned here: we've now dumped all the existing episodes into the Patreon XL feed. So, everyone who signs up at that level will have every episode we've ever made and ever will make in one place.
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