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  1. How long do you guys in the UK have to wait after getting a "preparing to ship" email from Analogue?
  2. Would you guys recommend getting a horizontal and vertical MiSTer set-up, so you can enjoy old school shooters then?
  3. Has anyone tried the Half-life 2 VR mod recently? Have they taken stuff from Alyx?
  4. As suggested by people in the retro gaming set-up thread, this is a discussion thread for all things arcade cabinet related. I've had a dream for a long time to have my own arcade cab. I've ordered a second DE-10 nano (which has been on order from Mouser Electronics for 10 months now) which I dreamed of putting inside some sort of sega candy cab. I also have always wanted to own an original (reconditioned) Donkey Kong, Defender, Point Blank and Xybots cabinet to complete the collection. Some people on here have already mentioned owning real cabs, and also some replica offerings, including the popular Arcade1UP cabs (which are also supposedly good for modding) and other more expensive options that have full windows PCs inside and offer everything from old arcade games right the way up to Street Fighter V etc. So, please, forumites. Post pictures of your own cabs, speak about the highs and lows of owning your own arcade machines. Discuss the difficulties in repairing these old machines? Is owning a CRT cabinet really worth it? Does anyone own reconditioned original machines? Has someone owned cabs, and then decided to sell the lot as maintaining them was too much effort?
  5. That's interesting. I think I already discussed with the colonel that I maybe start an arcade cabinet cab thread, because information like this is useful. I think, if I did it, it would have to go in the garage, so size isn't really a big issue.
  6. I've heard a rumour that you might be in luck, actually. (Not the Matt Berry bit)
  7. Start at 2k. Wow, more than my car. Maybe if my wife doesn't see the recipes....
  8. By expensive, what are we talking about?
  9. Love that candy cab! (If that's what they are called). Can I ask how you managed to get one? I've had this dream of a 2 player 6 button aero city cab with a mister set-up inside for a while now...
  10. There is definitely potential, yeah. It could also actually be Microsoft's policy of having an "exclusive" game for a certain period as well. I think microsoft have this stipulation where, if the game didn't come out first on xbox (or at least at the same time) then the game needs to have unique content not seen on rival platforms. Also, many indie games could have signed an exclusive deal to one platform or another (which is why Spelunky 2 wasn't on xbox for over a year). At the very least, if you have a title come out for xbox and not playstation, or visa versa, then the most likely explanation is that money exchanged hands.
  11. What I like about this is that you are still bitter, twenty years later.
  12. I would assume any slowdown you are seeing existed in the original game, because of the way the MiSTer works. Most cores, including the megadrive, have an overclock features (which can also cause games to run too fast) and also a sprite clash feature, to reduce sprite drawing issues, good for games like Biohazard Battle.
  13. I've got it working and had similar issues. Its certainly not in a "beta" state. I think he must have released it early as he hasn't had a friday release for his patreon backers for about 3 weeks now.
  14. While a low 56 is great, you can view the top ten times, and someone has done a 1:53. How is that even physically possible?
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