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  1. Not 100% sure if this is helpful, but on the snes hakchi you could adjust the options displayed when mounted the games..
  2. I am so behind the times.
  3. I guess not a massive amount of money, as he is 7 and treats hardware like crap. I actually don't know whether that is reasonable seeing as they are wireless. I just didn't want wired as he has broken two 2.5mm jack connectors. Maybe USB might be a better option? That said, those look really nice.
  4. Hey peeps, Does anyone have any recommendations for wireless / bluetooth headsets for the xbox one? They especially need to be child friendly, as my kid as destroyed two wired ones already.
  5. Good for you man! I'd love to buy and index, and would have if I could have afforded it!
  6. I don't own it! Could I have space pirate trainer @Rumspringa? Unless you want it @Dudley
  7. Edit: I gots it. Also, question for those who have finished it:
  8. Don't know if this was already posed, but thought this was interesting. Talks about the development of Half-life Alyx's movement in VR.
  9. I have just dropped over £500 to buy a new graphics card and vr kit and have this game in my life.
  10. Sorry, this is simply not true.
  11. I picked this up. First impressions aren't great. The aiming feels so bad, and you know something is wrong when this youtube video on aiming actually tells you to turn off the aim-assist.
  12. Only 10 pages in, but this thread is such a joy to read.
  13. I was lead designer on that game. Nice to have at least one fan.
  14. To be honest, I thought that at the time.
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