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  1. Yeah, I updated it via a USB drive in the end. Does anyone know how to add more options to the mcboot launcher? Can you add the HD launcher it? Also, @Fallows mentioned that he didn't need to use the HD launcher anymore, but updating it still seems to be a requirement to launch back-ups for me?
  2. Hey man, I have a free mcboot card, but can you perhaps explain how to update it? Do you need to buy a USB to magic gate memory card adaptor? Or can you update via the network card?
  3. Bit surprised no-one is talking about this (unless its in another thread?) Behind the Scenes documentary by the "Doritos King" about the making of Half-life Alyx. Also supposedly mentions Left4Dead 3 and Half-life 3 and a boat load of other titles... Youtube Trailer Anyone seen it?
  4. If that is true, and Swery isn't happy with the final product, then this is a real sad state of affairs.
  5. I presume you are speaking in code? Are you about the "blow up"?
  6. Is there a way to witness this inside the game without having to grind some super powerful shit? Or would I be blasted immediately when turning up as a spectator?
  7. Exactly this. I read a facebook post complaining about the story, which was along the lines of "not what I wanted from the game". Such a weird idea, that you have specific expectations about a story that was written by somebody else. Also, imagine how much less interesting the game would have been if Joel didn't die.
  8. I think that it what you sign up for when you buy a remake / remaster. Also, I wouldn't trust another developer to change anything dramatic, espectially a FromSoftware game. DS was so groundbreaking, and its still my personal favourite souls, despite some of the jank.
  9. I am pretty sure I dried my hands with one of these last week.
  10. Not 100% sure if this is helpful, but on the snes hakchi you could adjust the options displayed when mounted the games..
  11. I am so behind the times.
  12. I guess not a massive amount of money, as he is 7 and treats hardware like crap. I actually don't know whether that is reasonable seeing as they are wireless. I just didn't want wired as he has broken two 2.5mm jack connectors. Maybe USB might be a better option? That said, those look really nice.
  13. Hey peeps, Does anyone have any recommendations for wireless / bluetooth headsets for the xbox one? They especially need to be child friendly, as my kid as destroyed two wired ones already.
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