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  1. I don't know what the menu core is? If it's the MiSTer core in the root of your SD card, then yeah, you need the unstable nightly I link to above. Unsure when the fix will be released on the standard update all, as I'm not sure of the process...
  2. From my limited reading, I think it's basically a crapshoot. The board revisions, combined with the variance or components used, means that you can't guarantee it'll work with the Tink without issues. I'm gonna try some minor revisions to the mods that Treble did in an attempt to fix the issues, and report back. Basically fair warning here that you just don't know if a RGB modded Neo Geo AES console will play nice with the Retro Tink 5X. It might, it might not....
  3. Some games work with one sdram, if that's what you mean?
  4. Oh, definitely use the "Insert Disk *.cue" option to load roms. Its roughly 100x faster to load any game, and also seems to work more of the time. The saturn will act like you have put a disk in, so sometimes you need to select "load game" from the saturn menu itself after you do this.
  5. They have to be in uncompressed bin & cue format. The discord channel recommends they are "redump-verified dumps", which are accepted proper rips which I think you can get from archive.org. That said, I've had games that aren't verified work. Firstly, you definitely need the unstable nightly MiSTer build, which you then need to rename MiSTer and put in the root of your SD card (back up your old one just in case). Also, I'm using the Sega Saturn Bios 1.00a (U) [!].bin which I renamed as boot.rom and put into the root of the Games/Saturn folder. After that, run the core, and make sure you select the correct region for the game you want to run, and it might work?
  6. Here is a current "unofficial" list of tested games on the core. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j7x_uX7WLA60dgOlvGVqqSdf1Gez8-rXN2MBJS7ThA8/edit#gid=0 Quite impressive already!
  7. I've had the most success with the Bios Saturn 1.00a (U) [!].bin version. Either that, or the Bios Saturn 1.00 (J) [!].bin. Both of those seem to boot and behave. Some games have loaded, Rayforce seems to work flawlessly, also Radiant Silvergun seems solid! There does seem like a fair few issues remaining, with various games not booting and lots of crashes and audio issues, but its still incredible work, and one of the final systems I wanted on the MiSTer. My retro console collection is looking more and more pointless, to be honest.
  8. Oh, it appears you also need the unstable nightly MiSTer build from discord as well, in order for it to work. I just managed to boot my hacked separate iso of Deathtank (the multiplayer tank bonus game included in Duke Nukem as a freebie). Happy days!
  9. It seems the Saturn core has had its first public commit to GitHub: https://github.com/srg320/Saturn_MiSTer You can grab the compiled core on the #mister-cores of the FPGA mister discord. You also need a bios, which needs to be renamed "boot.rom". I've managed to get it to boot, but haven't manged to get it to load any games as of yet....
  10. I am using an SN30 Pro and that needs paired with a standard Bluetooth adapter every time (so far, only been using it recently). I would defo update the firmware on both the controller and the adapter and see if that makes a difference.
  11. Should update all catch it? Also, is the a PSX core getting a SNAC adapter any time soon?
  12. Did my own mod of the Neo Geo joystick, uses 24mm black buttons with replacement coloured tops.
  13. Such good nick, can't thank you enough dude!
  14. Has anyone owned / tried both the Thrustmaster T300 and one of the Fanatec wheels with direct drive? I was wondering if the DD stuff really justifies the price difference...
  15. Just to follow up on this. I've tried the setting you recommended and they didn't look great for me. I'm running a resolution of 2048x1536 @60hz (I also tried 720p, but that seemed to totally mess up the scale-line scaling). I just find that with both horizontal and vertical scanlines active, the pixels are too accentuated, and its too dark overall. I don't really like most of the shadowmasks on offer, but I do like the "Sony PVM (Generic) (~1980)" Here are my settings. Mileage may vary... Horz. filter: No Interpolation.txt Vert. filter: Scanlines - Brighter.txt Scan filter: Same as Vert Gamma correction: Contrast_Boost_1.txt Shadow Mask: 1x - Sony PVM (Generic) (~1980) EDIT: Typo on the image, sorry. Should be "Horizontal & Vertical Scanlines", like Fallows.
  16. First images from the Konami Turtles Arcade core.
  17. I tried flashing it with the standard 8bitdo adapter firmware, and the analogue sticks started to work, but then I started getting drops. I'll just use the BT adapter. Thanks for checking though!
  18. So, using a standard bluetooth adapter, the analogue sticks started working. I suppose it must be the ps classic adapter. I wonder if I push the standard firmware onto it, it would work....
  19. Interesting you use a standard bluetooth adapter. I'm gonna give that a try!
  20. Tried that. It seems that it only works wired. Maybe its a USB dongle issue? I'm using the 8bitdo ps classic adapter. What are you using?
  21. It seems possible, but there are a slew of issues. https://www.misterfpga.org/viewtopic.php?t=1618 I do have a bluetooth usb adapter I could try. Need to sort this 8bitdo stuff first, then maybe give it a whirl...
  22. Hhhmm, oh dear. Maybe I need to switch the mode or something? What mode do you have the controller in? (Don't worry if you don't know)
  23. I've got the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro and never got the analogue sticks to work on MiSTer (or anything else, for that matter). Is there something I need to do to get them working?
  24. Updated mine with three new entries, Geo Wars 2. Spelunky and Shadow of the Colossus.
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