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  1. Bruno scored two great goals for Portugal last night...
  2. BT Sport Live stream free on YouTube:
  3. BT Sport are live streaming the final free on their YouTube channel in 4K:
  4. Anyone else had issues with this crashing on a Series X? I've had 4 freezes this week now, once whilst in a public event on Europa, and the others while in the Tower. I also had the controller disconnect so I had to resync using the button on the console. I'm not sure if it's the game or the console, I've been pretty much exclusively playing D2 for the last few weeks, but wil try a different game later. Just wondered if anyone had experienced similar?
  5. Thanks @Timmo I'll give the Nightfall a try later, I'd forgotten you can do that on different difficulties, I've not done it since Destiny 1 days.
  6. It seems to be taking me forever to get my guardian from 1200 light up to 1250, I'm currently at 1223. Any tips on how to quickly level up? I've been mainly doing story stuff, I've finished the main Beyond Light campaign and done a couple of the missions Variks gives you afterwards. I've not finished the New Light campaign or done any of the Forsaken or Shadowkeep. I've done a bit of Gambit, and a little Crucible.
  7. Yeah I ended up doing a solo lost sector in the Cosmodrome last night with my newly created Warlock. It was good fun, challenging but not too hard. Got a legendary scout rifle (Night Watch) for my troubles too! I decided against transferring my old D1 guardian across, and went with a Warlock as I've only ever played Hunter. I never realised the jump was so different for Warlock! That's going to take some getting used to. As someone said earlier, you really can't beat the feel of the guns in this game. There is something so immensely satisfying about headshotting, I can'
  8. Is there any benefit in doing the cross save thing to get my old Destiny 1 guardian on series X and using it if I'm starting Destiny 2 from scratch? Edit: Ignore me, decided to create a new character and try a Warlock, as I've only ever played as a Hunter.
  9. Thanks both, that makes sense. Yeah I'm on GP so I've kicked off the main game download (67GB I think) and queued the three expansions.
  10. I currently have no Destiny 2 stuff installed on my series X. What should I be downloading, Destiny 2 and then Beyond Light separately?
  11. From this article it sounds like 5pm tomorrow: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/49918
  12. I’d have put money on Martial missing that. Cavani’s flick though
  13. As someone who played a lot of Destiny 1, and very little Destiny 2, but planning too jump back in when the Series X enhanced version hits GamePass a week on Tuesday... should I be buying the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions while they're half price in the sale?
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