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  1. Finished up the companions quest. Given up on survival as it added little really. Now heading down to join the dawnguard.
  2. I’m hoping at the end of the series it’s revealed when the camera pans back it’s Frodo sat at his desk writing, fade to black, then a scene with Galadriel reading said book in front of a roaring fire, she suddenly turns into her scary shadow form and casts the book into the flames and she roars…”Frodo you fucking hack that’s not how it happened at all”. The end.
  3. Loving this. I’m following the companion quest line with survival on and shredding folks as a werewolf which I’ve never really done before.
  4. I’m trying to think of a character or plot line I’m actually interested in or care about but nope. I’ve watched 5 hrs and have nothing to say. Everyone is just oddly petulant at best - the humans are all grumpy/worried and self centred, the elves all haughty/moody and self centred, the dwarfs are all distrusting and self centred, the hobbits are all grumpy/worried and self centred. Maybe that’s the point but it does not make interesting viewing.
  5. I thought the mithril stuff must all be new as it was complete nonsense. I’m going to give it one more episode and if that’s just as dull I’ll call it a day.
  6. Interesting. Why would the magazine want to make itself available via readily or do they not have a choice?
  7. I am bored. It doesn’t feel like there’s much progression as there are so many stories being told.
  8. I’m not sure other worldly demons would be bothered about Earth law.
  9. You can turn different objectives on or off I think.
  10. It’s great playing spot the actor and which soap he’s been in.
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