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  1. Yeh I got that so wrong, car seemed ok at first on slicks @OJM CHICKENhad a few moments and in the spray followed him but with more speed i went off but car was stuck somehow, in reverse it wouldn’t move so ended up going forward again into barrier to spin it slightly, I was then playing the it’s going to dry game, but after the second lot of rain tyres were so cold but I had committed by then,I was close on having enough fuel so tried to eek it out and finish in pits, but would have been 8 litres short so decided to pit for fresh slicks with about 17 minutes left and see how they worked, the x4 always catches me out I thought the cloud came in again then realised it was 8pm no wonder tyres had died… Good fun though… and thought this was a round I was going to miss so I will forget about it 😂 I have a wet race on Sunday at the Glen so at least some more experience with drys in wet conditions 🤔
  2. Great race tonight, had no answer for Ryan’s pace in second half of race… and although pressures were good had a lot of understeer on the 2nd set of tyres, but had good consistency which helped…
  3. need to apologise for race 1, not sure who i nudged two people on first few corners but my ACC was freezing and stuttering and had no radar or crew chief... was very strange then in cota i crossed the line and it still hadnt given me the chequered flag some gremlins somewhere
  4. Has one lap towards the end where i was 5 second faster, but no i got it very wrong and once i went passed the point where i would be last if i pitted i decided to roll the dice and hope and prey it cleared up, same when i pitted should have gone to wets but rain was on then off then on then off so i put another set of drys on, generally pressures were down in 22's lol... Surprised thou i only had one half spin, but was all good fun and a good experience
  5. @milko great race last night, specially the last 20 minutes, really kept me on my toes, thought I had blown it with two laps to go when Arben let us past but I wasn’t sure he had seen us so lost 1/2 second to you and then watched behind too much last couple of laps…
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