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  1. Softporn Adventure (1981) - First game to use profanity: SA.mp4
  2. So what you guys are some of the more underappreciated Game Boy games more people should try out? For me, one of them is Toki Tori. Such a charming, easy to get into puzzle platformer.
  3. GBA Puzzle recommendation: Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Stackers 384115726-WackyStackersmp47036cb.mp4
  4. Does BurgerTime still get plenty of attention, I know it even received a follow-up on Switch not too long ago, and I suppose is one of the more standout games for its personality and charm, though even now, I’m not sure.
  5. How many popular games people have to now resort to play on MAME due to lack of re-releases anyway?
  6. I think that would have to be version of Space Harrier on 32X, which was prob the best way to play the game in the home for the time, along with After Burner.
  7. Up to you and others here as far as I’m concerned. lol Also, I understand the Wii listing is for Virtual Console, with the PSP having an individual release too.
  8. Space Harrier. A game with a lot of interest in its day, partially due to the way it demonstrated the tech and graphics, but is now prob just seen as a glorified tech demo by many.
  9. Now that looks like a better Jaguar showcase. Haha.
  10. I felt that Lemmings 2 was headed in the right direction by adding more skills and different levels to compliment them, but it seems like pretty much everyone was at a loss as to what to do after that.
  11. Speaking of driving games, heard that upon a crowd at a games convention being shown Club Drive, they just laugh at loud at it. I guess 3D could only go so far to impress people after all. Club Drive.mp4
  12. Was the only command-based RTS on SNES I recall. I guess games like Dune, Herzog Zwei, and Command & Conquer outshined it.
  13. Even just limiting it to official physical individual versions, then Lemmings might be the most prolific such game after all.
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