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  1. I've doubted Silva after some of his crappy performances, but the guy really is the greatest fighter of all time. Silva vs GSP is going to be the biggest fight in MMA history, and I really have no idea what's going to happen. GSP could dominate Silva with his wrestling or get KTFO in spectacular style.
  2. SixT-4


    I was born in 87 too, and it's only quite recently that I've realised how fragile and scary the situation really is up here. I've always taken the peace process for granted, but really, it was just 15 years ago that the IRA were blowing the shit out of stuff. And now you have Sinn Fein and the DUP in government together, which itself has only been going steady for a few years and has fallen apart loads. And we still have the RIRA acting like a bunch of idiots. Even if we get any sort of lasting peace, I'm sure some arsehole loyalists will start shit up again if a United Ireland referendum ever passes. It also still boggles my mind how some people care so much about who we pool our tax money together with. Or why people still view themselves as being part of different communities based on your ancestry/political ideology/religion etc.
  3. SixT-4


    I think RTE are supposed to stream island wide, but unfortuately most people in NI have English IP addresses, so they think we're from England. I only get the "International" version of RTE player. I forgot that I get RTE and TG4 through Sky. I'll have to check it out some time.
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    Is it just my imagination, or do you never, ever hear/see anything about GAA in Northern Ireland? Do they actually show the games (aside from the All-Ireland Final) on TV anywhere? I come from quite a unionist family (and town) so I never heard about any GAA stuff aside from a random highlight on BBC Newsline once a year. Is there any way to follow it other than just going the matches? Although I'm not sure I really want to, seeing the recent record of Derry on Wikipedia...
  5. Perhaps if somebody makes new deposit methods (assuming the old ones get banned) and the big sites drop US players they'll all play on WSEX giving us a large rake-free site. I'm too optimisitc though...
  6. So... online poker has been banned in the US. Party have stated that they're going to drop all US players for the moment anyway (75%+ of their userbase), so have 888/Pacific and Pokerstars may be doing the same thing too. WSEX will continue accepting US players (they don't think they're doing anything illegal) but players will still have to get around whatever banking restrictions are put in place. Bye bye fishies!
  7. I hope this site takes off, but I just withdrew all my cash there. There's hardly any games at 0.5/1 and 1/2, only being able to 3-table sucks (on the occasions I can actually get 3 games!) and I've been spoiled by re-sizeable tables on Party. If they enough games I'd play there, cos the saving on rake would be really fantastic.
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    I stopped following video games about a year ago.
  9. SixT-4


    After watching the video I have to say that this will be the best game ever.
  10. 450 odd hours on PGR2 (don't know exactly, the clock stopped working after 300 and something...). I'd probably estimate 1500-2500 hours on CS in all it's different forms. Started playing at 1.1 played to 1.5 (couldn't get 1.6 to work on my old PC), got CSx and played it a load, and now play source/1.6
  11. http://files.filefront.com/GeoWars4million...;/fileinfo.html
  12. Sadly enough, I have a couple of Sony fanboys as friends who seem to think that because the PSP is superior (i.e better graphics) people couldn't possibly want the DS. I tell them that it's outselling the PSP and they don't believe me! xD
  13. My Xbox packed in about a month after the year's warranty. That really pissed me off. Now I can't play any of my old games
  14. My mind automatically tries to convert it to the Edge scale
  15. Or shit? (sorry, it was taking me too long to find a shit picture.)
  16. Unununium is quite clearly the best element.
  17. I used to watch it. I was flicking through the channels one day and I saw it on. It turned out that it was just a program about weird freaks though.
  18. You need a CC to register for Live?
  19. No, no and no. UB are not going to risk the truckloads of money they're raking in doing something that will have very little effect. Juicing the games would give a slight increase in rake, but if anyone ever finds out you're going to lose everything. Also, they would have no purpose in juicing MTTs as everyone pays a set rake at the start of the tournament. There isn't going to be a different RNG sort of thing for MTTs and normal cash games.
  20. Hey, ask the D-man, not me To be fair you'll have a 20xBB stack so there's some room for playing, but yeah, you're kinda right.
  21. I've nicely stole this from my good friend (actually, if you read this dman, you're REALLY GAY!!11one) Dwarfman from FTR. "OK, here's a challenge for you, and it will only cost you $10! The challenge is to start off by buying into a .25/.50 NL ring game for the minimum, $10. Then as you make the minimum for the next level, you MUST move up and buy in for the minimum there, then you progress up. Rules 1. You MUST buy in for the minimum in each level. 2. You can only move up once you have reached the minimum buy in for the next level above you (eg. you must make it to $20 playing .25/.50 to move up). 3. Once you have reached the minimum buy in for the next level, you MUST go there immediately. 4. If you bust out at any stage, you have to go back to the beginning and buy in for $10 at .25/.50. 5. If you double up at 10/20 ($800), you have completed Dwarfman's NL Ring Challenge. 6. NLHE Ring only!! 7. If you go just over your next level target (eg. going to $23 at .25/.50), you still must buy in for the minimum at the next level. 8. Full ring OR 6 max are both allowed. 9. You may pull out at any stage if you wish, however you will lose out on satisfaction!! 10. If you complete the challenge, we would love to see your hand history, make sure you store them! 11. You are allowed to play this challenge at any Party skins or PokerStars. Steps .25/.50 - $10 .50/1 - $20 1/2 - $40 2/4 - $80 3/6 - $120 5/10 - $200 10/20 - $400 If you double up to $800 at 10/20 NL, you WIN. Please note that it is very, very, very hard to complete this challenge, if you do I will be thoroughly impressed! The reason I made it is because it is an opportunity to play very high stakes and it will only cost you $10 if you lose. Good luck and have fun - remember to post your best runs here!" You can create variations and stuff I suppose. He played for an hour last night (including table selection time) and got up to $1000NL He quit and made a profit of $570 odd something. I was trying this earlier on, but got caught up at a juicy $50NL table where some guy with a pretty decent stack would call pot sized (or greater) sized bets with middle/bottom pair, gutshots etc.
  22. Do you mean that when you sat down at the table, your entire bankroll was $40? There's your problem. You need at LEAST $1000 for $0.5/$1 NL. If properly bankrolled you shouldn't really mind someone pulling a move like that and drawing out because you're gonna win in the long run.
  23. What's this USB thingy for?
  25. Pfft, everyone knows there's nothing more metal than Nintendogs. \m/ I would play my DS on the bus/train if I ever got one for more than 10 minutes (and I had some decent games).
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