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  1. Those were certainly a couple of races to forget, Practice times were great, in quali I barely managed to beat @mexos. Race 1 tyre's were shit and I was sliding everywhere with no pace, after a great lead I basically handed it to mexos who flew off into the distance, still managed P2 but was really frustrated. Race 2 was kinda better, the tyre's were much better and I wasn't sliding and was actually just as fast if not a bit faster than mexos at the end but of course I managed to hit a sausage kerb and got sent to the shadow realm, still had an amazing fight through the field and everyone was really good, especially @Meers and @Valver making their beamer and Aston as wide as physically possible, plus the lack of straight line from the macca was tough. Still to go from I think P10 to P4 wasn't terrible but I really felt I coulda won the second race had I just not made a stupid mistake and I'm sure the battle between me and mexos was either going to be absolutely legendary or last all of 5 seconds before one of us spun.
  2. Just in case anyone is interested, this is 15 years of debris and dust... Absolutely disgusting
  3. I am going to try and fix my pedals today so knowing my luck I'd say there's a 70% chance I break them, in the event that I don't break them I'll be there
  4. Custom liveries are a pain to make and thankfully I know someone who was willing to do it for me, to bad no-one can actually see it 😄
  5. I would race tonight it seems it would be fun but my pedals are still screwed up and im braking with 50% accelerator which in the m2 is a death trap, plus i'm behind on college work which i need to focus on, have fun good luck and i will catch you guys for the next one.
  6. yeh definitely weird certainly a new bug to me if thats what it was and sorry for the big bump at T2 i broke earlier but got a bit carried away. I don't think you can practice these starts in single player as far as i know single player doesn't even make you control your speed so maybe just a few public lobbies or a couple LFM races might be good practice if you get the time.
  7. Nope i had the same issue i was in the green when i started and i've done hundreds of starts at this point, i stayed in the green and held 70 although i gained a lot when holding 70 and then bam drive thru with no explanation. Didn't matter in the long run i crashed lap 1 at T3-4 and then pitted after the drive thru with 21 seconds of dmg and then 10 mins later crashed in the exact same spot so not really a good race for me. Congrats on the win @SharkyOB coulda been a great 3 way fight but these things happen i guess
  8. If your not flat out all the way up and down the mountain then your doing it wrong
  9. Thanks kinda weird to complain to someone who was stuck in the hospital. 😄 Honestly think imma just push through the pain and race anyway love bathurst and wanna have some good battles on the mountain.
  10. Might have to miss this one, I have damaged my foot in some way and it has become quite painful to use the accelerator. kind of a bummer seeing as I'd finally got decent pace in practice.
  11. This is the lap of my best time so far, wasn't a great lap I straight slid through the mountain but if anyone is struggling and needs brake markers still this might help.
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