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  1. You can spend gold at vending machines for weapons and ammo; buy items from NPCs, or hire them; upgrade weapons to better rarities at upgrade benches. I tend to run short range panic weapons in slot 1 (usually an SMG this season, the shotguns aren’t really working out for me), ranged weapon slot 2 or 3 (AR), long range weapon or utility item slot 3-4 and heals slot 5.
  2. Try it without the HDMI switcher. They can be a bit weird. I’ve had one that worked fine for years, then one day I couldn’t play blu rays on the Xbox one without ridiculous audio delay. Tore my hair out trying to find out what was going on; eventually it turned out to be the - previously unflappable - HDMI switch.
  3. I just bought a 3D printer, was wondering if there was a thread - guess this is it! Some amazing prints there, I won’t be attempting anything on that scale but looking for some cool small things to have a play with
  4. The Fortnite gods were with us last night for sure! Nice to get some games where we didn’t feel outmatched, even more of the games we didn’t win weren’t overly sweaty!
  5. I thought the last one was better, but I do like the octopus back bling!
  6. The addition of mantling has really helped against hotel builders, too. Can’t outbuild them? Climb their structure. Doesn’t help against mad skilled editors, but it does level the playing field somewhat.
  7. My Game Pass subscription is due to expire in less than a week, I wasn’t going to renew it - this might change my mind!
  8. It could be to do with streaming; I know when I started using GeForce Now on my iPhone, I was getting into lobbies with lots of bots, whereas using the same account on PC it was the usual hellscape of sweats.
  9. Lend someone your Xbox and get them to do it for you?
  10. Best not to cancel it immediately, let it run on until just into the next month so you get that month’s skin as well. Just remember to cancel it within 30 days.
  11. That was great, loved every bit of it.
  12. Have to admit that totally flew over my head. I hadn’t made any connection at all between the massacre at the temple and grown up Reva. And you can put me in the “she’s fine” camp too, really not getting the negativity people are saying…
  13. The clones didn’t have free will did they, they were hard wired to obey order 66 regardless of whether they were decent sorts or not. And the scene showed that they were discarded by the empire once they’d served their purpose.
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