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  1. Yeah I felt the same way. I enjoyed the whole series, but the ending was a little underwhelming.
  2. Somewhat predictably, I caved and ground the summer challenges out. Even the last couple I couldn’t really be arsed with - convinced myself I didn’t want two extra styles for the surfboard glider, but it would’ve bugged me if I hadn’t got them. I am weak for collectibles. (Still can’t be bothered to unlock anything from the battle pass bar the vbucks though; I’ll just splurge when I hit level 100!)
  3. If you have another device that can run Fortnite - a switch, an android phone or tablet for example - you can set up an alt account on that, then use the creative island codes for the featured maps to do those challenges in private games, just killing your alt account over and over. I still can’t be arsed to do them either, mind! I’d rather use my gaming time to have fun. It’s a good feeling when you realise you’re running towards fights more often than from them!
  4. Darn it, is series 1 not on All 4? Would really like to watch this.
  5. I loved Knights of the Sky! Think I played it on Amiga though - I may have had it on PC too once I made the jump, but the Amiga’s where my nostalgia for it rests. Dogfighting was ace, and nursing a bullet-ridden biplane home afterwards could be sooo tense! Pretty sure I couldn’t keep my kite in the air any longer one time, managed to land it and then puttered my way through no man’s land back to the airfield
  6. Watched this on Prime last night, really enjoyed it The “slow” bits were my favourite parts of the film, to be honest! Preferred the Western aspects to the horror stuff. I thought Chicory was a fantastic character, and Kurt Russell was great.
  7. Yeah I got abducted, put me into some weird bouncy mini game where I had absolutely no idea what was going on, rewarded me with a room full of crappy loot, then dumped me miles away.
  8. Sorry @gooner4life, I was playing from a hotel room via GeForce Now and my session timed out The performance was terrible anyway, pretty much unplayable.
  9. Very nice! Sniped just before he could use that launchpad! I find the rail gun very difficult to actually hit people with. It is great for rinsing UFOs, and pressuring builds mind.
  10. Got my first solo win of the season last night
  11. I think there was a list at some point, but I don’t think it’s been updated on a long time, so probably doesn’t represent who still plays. I’ll add you, my Epic ID is Pistol 451 (same everywhere).
  12. Cracking win with @Arn X Treme followed by some good games with @gooner4life!
  13. Had a couple of games with @gooner4life last night, loved it when you mastered the art of standing so still in a corner you became invisible
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