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  1. You all need to watch this. ALL OF YOU.
  2. It’s crazy how cheap PS4 bucks are on there
  3. The skins will be, yes. Just not the vbucks. Just means that you need access to a PS4 to spend them as well as redeeming the code.
  4. Aren't vbucks platform linked though? So ones bought on the PlayStation don't show up on Switch? Granted, it might not apply to vbucks gained from bundles, but the Neo Versa ones are PlayStation exclusive so I would've thought they'd only show up on a PlayStation..?
  5. Dark Bomber's a fine skin, though... one of my faves. I just bought the skin to begin with, though I did complete the set the next time it was back in the store! Skin presets can't come soon enough for me. I have tons of skins I like but never use, because I can't be arsed to change all the cosmetics to match the set. I end up just using whatever skin is my current favourite. If I could have preset loadouts for each skin, I'd happily use them all!
  6. It's a skin I bought, it comes with challenges to unlock extra styles.
  7. Contact Epic. My Metal Mouth challenges aren't working, I contacted them not expecting much and they have asked for more details. Not sure anything will come of it but at least they've responded!
  8. I've been dropping at the ghost house on the island in the lake towards the South end of the map. It's not too hectic, and the chest usually contains a sniper (if I manage to keep a henchman alive to scan it!) Biggest problem is ammo when hot dropping into a henchman nest.
  9. I think the map temporarily shows you the location of enemies, chests and vaults etc. The keycard opens the vault with loads of good loot in it. i love that you can hold a downed henchman up to a scanner to open it
  10. Has he finished them all? Sniper rifles seem to be pretty hard to find in Team Rumble, apparently Epic balanced the whole loot pool for the introduction of the bases (higher chance of finding better weapons if you raid them and bump off henchmen), so you’re less likely to find snipers in the wild. Then they forgot that there are no henchmen in Team Rumble so there are shotguns everywhere and very few snipers It’ll get sorted soon.
  11. Definitely @moosegrinder, it's a lot more forgiving now! I really like the bases, I get a real Goldeneye vibe from them for some reason!
  12. Shows what I know: I just won a solo match!
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