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  1. Guess who mentioned that glitch for the Terminator pack. And then forgot to try it with the Alien pack. And the Streetfighter pack. I’m an idiot.
  2. I think you get the supercharged XP if you don’t do your green daily challenges. Those would get you 30,000 XP; so, if you miss doing them, next time you play you get about that much in supercharged XP.
  3. Brilliant!! I got someone once by taking out the floors behind the doors in that building over the canyon. It was in team rumble though.
  4. Aliens skins can’t fail to excite me... whether it’s Ripley, generic Colonial Marine, or a Xenomorph... in space, no one can hear my wallet scream
  5. Excellent, I really enjoyed the last Humanoids bundle!
  6. Grimble’s date rape potion, more like; he’s creepy as.
  7. How do you set up multiplayer on PC?
  8. Look up weird blue quests that you may not have got yet, there are a few that are easy to complete once you know about them. There’s a blue quest for destroying bushes. Who ever bothers with those? Easy to miss, easy to do. The swimming one, there was a bug where if you jumped in the water on spawn island, then as soon as you were on the bus it would count the distance between spawn island and the game island as distance swum. That’s about 2,000 metres each time you do it - completed the quest in no time. Don’t know if they’ve patched that, though.
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