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  1. Watched this with the kids last night and really quite enjoyed it. More than I did Wakanda Forever to be honest, I found that film hard to follow and the central conflict unsatisfying. This was more straightforward and I liked that.
  2. Adding Winston in is redressing an unjust omission though, surely.
  3. You need to get it into the micro switch itself, so taking it apart is the best option.
  4. Fucking hell. On the one hand that article totally ignores all the shit she pulled; but, my God, what ridiculous lengths some idiots have gone to to get her back! Awful, awful behaviour.
  5. I enjoyed that. A good ending to a season that had its highs and its lows. My favourite bit, I think, was one that initially I thought I was going to hate:
  6. One thing I just thought of:
  7. These are great! do you have a bandcamp or soundcloud where you can buy them off you?
  8. Just because he said he’s Ragnar’s Dad doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the biological father, though. Pretty sure Din has said Grogu’s his son before now, hasn’t he? I figured that Foundlings just get adopted by a parent figure as well as into the tribe. Have to admit I felt they were trying too hard to push the “they all have mismatched armour” thing. They did look a bit clownish. I’m not ready to pile in on it yet though, I’ll forgive having to suspend disbelief and the odd misstep given the type of show it is.
  9. I also got a very Andor-esque vibe from the middle section. It was good, but I agree it felt a bit out of place for the Mandalorian. Thankfully bookended by some good Mando bits. I reckon Pas Viszla and Bo could get on like a house on fire, once he twigs how good she is with the Dark Saber and that she’s up for leading the retaking of Mandalore.
  10. Anyone had a go of the new season yet? I have heard that the new sword is very OP, could be this season’s Deku Smash (though I never really got the hate for that, if you knew where you were being targeted from it left the user very exposed and defenceless - a free kill).
  11. Mando does seem to need rescuing from all sorts of scrapes doesn’t he I actually quite like that he’s not infallible, though. He’s badass, for sure, but not invulnerable. He needs good allies around him. Operates according to his moral code, tries to do the right thing, makes mistakes. He’s a very relatable space man, not a superman.
  12. I’ve started on the US version and I’m also in the “enjoying it for what it is” camp. It’s good enough in its own right, though not a patch on the original, and it’s interesting to see the variations on the characters and the new storylines. My wife’s not having it at all though, she won’t entertain watching it 😂
  13. Totally agree that A New Hope gets a pass because of nostalgia armour, which makes a lot of the criticisms of modern Star Wars a bit hypocritical, but I still bloody love it and will forgive its failings regardless. Andor is almost beyond reproach for me, if it wasn’t for my fondness for the originals it would be my favourite Star Wars thing ever.
  14. First thing I thought when I saw him was “Why is the space pirate captain Old Gregg?!!” Good to have Mando back, though I also felt it wasn’t a particularly great episode. I know the whole “small universe” thing has been gone over before, but first episode and straight back to Ersatz Tattooine to rebuild a dead droid? As mentioned, it diminishes that character’s sacrifice in season 1. Oh well, I imagine it will pick up in subsequent eps. And I don’t want to nitpick, I still enjoyed it a lot and Mando’s back baby!!
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