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  1. Some good games at the weekend @Shimmyhill, nice to finally get a four man squad together for a bit! And topped off nicely with a win; can’t believe I missed norfolktoon’s card at catty corner though I often can’t find things under my nose In other news, I put Fortnite back on my iPhone, purely out of curiosity to see how well it ran (it ran very poorly on my old 7). It was surprisingly fun revisiting season 3! Old locations, tac shotties, bosses, burst ARs, henchmen, heck even the marauders raised a smile!
  2. Wow that flashing is really noticeable, not great that it’s happening on the top tier platforms!
  3. Not really feeling this season so far The crafting just adds an extra layer of faff for me, and an extra set of resources to gather that I can’t usually find. Bows just aren’t doing it for me; even if I manage to make a decent one, and upgrade it, it never seems to be worth it. They’re so much less useful than a sniper; less accurate, less damage, you’re more exposed while using one.. just give me snipers back please It doesn’t feel quite as bad as the season with the brutes - that was a real misstep - but it’s the first one since then where I’m just not
  4. Spectacular stuff @gooner4life, I felt sorry for his opponents - they never stood a chance! My eldest’s pretty good, when he’s rushing enemies he’s practically travelling in a mobile box, never exposed. Boggles my mind. But that was next level!
  5. Yep if you’ve set up a family account, it’s dead easy to buy them vbucks. If you’ve not got a family account set up you might have to get them a gift card - better to have the family account set up though.
  6. Don’t create an Epic account first - do it the way @gooner4life said, go to the Epic website, it’ll ask if you’ve played Fortnite before and on what platform. Then the accounts will be linked automatically. (The “headless” account already exists, you see, so if you create another one from scratch, you *might* run into issues merging it with the Switch account.)
  7. Loved that, a testament to never giving up (and standing very still). Nice finish at the end, too!
  8. Are bounties still a thing? Can @Shimmyhill still set things on fire?
  9. Yeah that was a good finish! Top clutch from the G man
  10. Oh god, that would haunt me forever!! 2 levels off 100!
  11. Oops! At least he didn’t laugh on you! Might have to do the rounds of the map tonight, see out the season... what changes d’you think we’ll see? I reckon the cantina could go, being linked to the Mandalorian which could have limited it to season 5. Would not miss Coral Castle if it went Iol.
  12. Yeah, it does. but you can just hide in a bush, you don’t have to actually play it.
  13. There’s a Switch cup running until 8pm tonight, if you get 8 points you get a free wrap. Easy enough to do if you play it sneaky and hide until the endgame.
  14. Got a solo win last night, on my wacky controller to boot!
  15. Cheers for the games @Shimmyhill, sorry I lost comms! Got to head off now tho
  16. You can bank on that! [quote]we tend to play duos from 2200 ish until late night @Pistol jumps in and we turn into an elite squad team.....[/quote] This may not be technically accurate.
  17. That’s always going to be a problem if you carry on account sharing.
  18. No mic is no problem, just ping stuff if you need our attention. Or shoot a gas can, works for @Shimmyhill
  19. Well up for that, as @Shimmyhill said I tend to be on quite late - always a great time
  20. Guess who mentioned that glitch for the Terminator pack. And then forgot to try it with the Alien pack. And the Streetfighter pack. I’m an idiot.
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