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  1. I’ve just had a look at their prices and they certainly add a premium. Also they have opened a retail store about 5 mins away from me, might take a look one day.
  2. I don’t think they are a 4th kit, Well at least the Liverpool one anyway. That’s marketed as the air max collection.
  3. Was it the custom rgb scart cable? Made from a dsub lead iirc? The member was something like saurien again iirc, I had one for my standard cube.
  4. Sandisk 200gb for £29.98 deal of the day on amazon, seem good value to me.
  5. Do you? I forgot to join another forums league and only did so after 4 weeks, but I kept my full points total.
  6. I've joined in, i guess someone needs to keep bottom spot warm. Pink Chicken AFC
  7. Yeah he's doing well at Lazio this season
  8. Simpsons hit and run on the xbox, every day I get home from work to little one asking me to play it.
  9. £200m* *£1m upfront, and £199m when he scores 35 goals in a season and wales win the World Cup.
  10. Muttnicks


    Haven’t Everton only spent around 40m after you figure in lukaku’s move? Same for Liverpool once Coutinho goes on Friday that will leave a small outlay if not a profit.
  11. It is green, they have done a blue limited edition version though (in a box for £100 iirc).
  12. Yeah I'd say 4-5 of those I'll end up keeping (need to find a cheap PS3 now, plenty pop up for £40 but I want even cheaper) the rest ill I'll pop on eBay during a cheap final value offer.
  13. Another local pickup, this time 11 PS3 games for £7. Some rubbish but some good ones.
  14. picked this up locally for £8 came with an official controller and memory card also.
  15. lol I know, we have had 4 Xbox ones so far, the PS4 was purely just to try out (I don't like the os or the controller) so I don't count that lol. so I can see her point, but on the flip side this is a Nintendo console so it won't be going anywhere (and the kids loved watching the released trailers on Friday)
  16. Well I've been told no to me getting one on launch (and the 3rd is my birthday) unless I sell the wii u . Otherwise it's wait for later in the year when the game (mario) the kids want is out. Id be crazy to part with the wii u wouldn't I? All because I sold both the PS4 and Xbox one s within 2 weeks of buying them.
  17. I'll join in for the first time ever, be good to see just how much I'll spend this year, it will mainly be picking up wii u games we don't already own (and probably a switch also). January 2017 Mario Kart 8: Dlc pack 1&2 £8.25 legend of Zelda: TWW £14 Yoshi's woolly world £15 Humble monthly bundle £0.85? February Paper mario colour splash xenoblade chronicles x donkey Kong country: tropical freeze Lego Jurassic world £42 for the above March Nintendo switch £279 zelda BOTW £40 ish 1 2 switch £35 Pro controller £65 Zelda BOTW (wii u) £38 April mk8 Switch £40 ish
  18. Gone for the beat the average price bundle, even though I don't own either system anymore. I'm sure I'll pick one or both up again at some point in the future. Do these codes exire after any length of time do we know?
  19. Soooo Rob Green then just paper talk or is there something more to it?
  20. Where are all the fans at the ethiad stadium?, it doesn't even look half full
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