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  1. 4 seasons with a new one on the way this year too.
  2. I watched it on the basis that it's produced by the same team who did Last Chance U, which is brilliant. I have a real soft spot for small town Americana and both LCU and Cheer scratch that itch to perfection. Extra credit for Cheer in that I could watch it with my girlfriend. @ZOK what I'm saying is, if you liked Cheer, watch Last Chance U.
  3. Played through SOTC at least 4 times on 3 platforms but sod it, let's do it again
  4. EUkdazs

    Rocket League

    Lol I'd forgot about that. Yours, Timmo.
  5. EUkdazs

    The Boxing Thread

    Great performance. Wilder is a one trick pony and Fury took that trick away. Not even close.
  6. Neves with an absolute screamer there. https://streamable.com/hjjsw
  7. EUkdazs

    The Boxing Thread

    I'm going with Fury. I just don't think Wilder's very good. He hasn't really fought anyone of note and relies too much on knockout punch power. Fury was easily the better fighter last time, despite having been out of the ring for a couple of years and having just lost 10 stone. A fully prepared Fury is a totally different beast and I genuinely don't think Wilder can match him. I'm fully prepared to have these words flung back in my face when Wilder knocks Fury out in the first round
  8. Much darker tone (racist lol) to this series. I could watch a live stream of Uncle Shady all day though. Do we think that's it or will there be a 4th series?
  9. I went to the Leeds one on Saturday night as part of my stag do. Had a great time but wish there had been a bit more pinball. Definitely thinking about a trip to Bury now. My son wants to go but he's still a bit too young, I think.
  10. Rumours about Josh King coming in from Bournemouth. Eddie Howe was weirdly non-committal in his press conference just now, which makes me think this is more than just idle speculation. Not sure how I feel about that to be honest. Good player but not exactly a world beater is he?
  11. EUkdazs


    Loved Pineapple Grenade with Coke. Picked up a bottle of the Aldi Seadog today (on offer at £14.99!) and had a couple tonight, one with ginger beer and a dash of lime and one with Coke and a dash of lime. Probably slightly prefer it with Coke but both were easy drinking. Would make myself another but I need to go for a run tomorrow so I need to behave myself.
  12. The squad's a mess but the potential long term is massive. Rich, committed owners, no debt, premier league quality stadium, etc. It's crazy to think that just a few years ago they were finishing in the top half of the Premier League. He's got a hell of a job on his hands mind you. They're absolutely awful.
  13. Every time you eat a ghost it appears in everyone else's maze.
  14. Nathan Jones to be sacked today according to various media sources. No idea who Stoke will replace him with. Third stint for Pulis maybe?
  15. Yes to 4k disc drive. No mention of the other two Holiday always seems a very broad term but Thanksgiving/Christmas 2020
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