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  1. I'm pretty sure he must have been following my Sunday league career, the styles are just too similar to be coincidence.
  2. Fans since the 80s because they were glory hunting kids. Connection to Merseyside my arse.
  3. Sausage fingers, deffo.
  4. To be fair, that's pretty much how I feel about it too
  5. I'd take issue with that. Can't say I had a massive issue with the gun play and as for the stealth, you certainly weren't helpless when you were spotted. You could try and trade fire, melee if up close or you could run off, hide again and regroup, set a trap, lob a bomb, etc. I'm all for criticism where valid (and the bodycount is definitely ripe for that) but it feels like you're making stuff up to justify why you didn't like it. I mean, sometimes a game just bounces off you, I get that. Had it with God Of War which I thought I'd love but just left me cold. I'm sure it's amazing and maybe I'll go back to it at some point.
  6. What the fuck is this shit?! Have you got sausages for fingers or something?
  7. Come on mate, that's just nonsense. Fair play if you didn't enjoy it and the plank/bin/pallet stuff was a bit duff but the combat/stealth was incredibly well done.
  8. I mean obviously, it's a demo of the engine and the graphics were impressive but I hope that's not a game in development. It looked like a generic Tomb Raider knock off with mild fantasy bits thrown in.
  9. Any time after Thanksgiving, which is on the 26th November this year I think.
  10. Some real edgelords in this thread. "The Last of Us is just a shit Manhunt" is a take so hot I burnt my eyeballs just reading it.
  11. 4 seasons with a new one on the way this year too.
  12. I watched it on the basis that it's produced by the same team who did Last Chance U, which is brilliant. I have a real soft spot for small town Americana and both LCU and Cheer scratch that itch to perfection. Extra credit for Cheer in that I could watch it with my girlfriend. @ZOK what I'm saying is, if you liked Cheer, watch Last Chance U.
  13. Played through SOTC at least 4 times on 3 platforms but sod it, let's do it again
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