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  1. Saw this today. It’s action packed, but lacks any real humour and fun. Kids and I got bored at a couple of points. 6/10
  2. I’ve seen this twice now, just as good the second time. Incredible directorial debut. it definitely needs more love.
  3. I really enjoyed it, athough the beginning is stronger than the end. Not the deepest plot, but extremely entertaining movie that whisks you along.
  4. Just finished it, excellent 9/10. It's very much like the movie "Blow" in TV series form.
  5. He's just doing what most seasoned managers would do, mitigating all the risk to ensure he gets a result. Mourinho does the same, unattractive but effective. It's not going to be flair football until he has a string of results and points behind him. He has a very specific job to do and will have made it clear to the players that they have to conform. Whilst the players themselves will need some familiarity and continuity with one another before they open up their game. It's no bad thing if we grind out the results for a few months, it will build the confidence and start attracting talent again.
  6. There is a real danger this movie is going to fall under the radar for most people and not get the credit it deserves. If you enjoy movies like Ray, listening to soul/funk music or just a good story, you need to see this movie. I loved it, many people have reported watching it twice within a few days. Hopefully I haven't set your expectations too high, but it's definitely worth a watch. 9/10 - wonderful surprise that kept me entertained throughout.
  7. I watched 30 mins, I really wanted to like it, but it was atrocious. I can't believe the actors that put their name to this.
  8. KOH is a better told story, but can compare as a visual feast.
  9. From where? I didn't thi the remastered version had been released yet?
  10. Wow, surprised no more interest in this. It is getting very mixed reviews. I saw it yesterday and it is very grand and epic as I expected, with some amazing effects. CGI aside, it's not a bad movie, but not an amazing one either. 7.5 out of 10
  11. Really enjoyed it, 8/10. Best kids movie in a while.
  12. The scene in Capone's office with Van Alden and Eli is hilarious, suprised there haven't been more comments.
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