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  1. Atoms for Peace is beautiful. Least favourites are Black Swan and Skip Divided. It's more of an EP in length really, but what there is of it is mostly brilliant.
  2. Can't go wrong with any of the above
  3. jet_set_radio

    The Cure

    Hardly any cure fans over at ntsc- surely someone here appreciates the incredible beauty of this band's music?! Pornography- dark, depressing, morbid, gothic, incredible. Favourite track possibly Cold ("Everything as cold as ice"/ "your name like ice, in to my heart." Head on the Door- Where the Cure became a brilliant singles band- with the incredible In Between Days and Close to Me. Does feel more like a singles collection than the other albums here, to me (not as consistent)- but a brilliant singles collection (Push is one of my favourite Cure songs of all). Disintegration. I started with this and loved it almost immediately. It's generallly regarded as their best, and it might well be- it's 70 minutes long and doesn't ever drop below brilliance. Wish - Follow up to Disintegration. More poppy (with the perfect pop song Friday I'm in Love at it's centre) but an equally worthy and beautiful album in it's own right. The Cure: Sounds fresh and modern over twenty years in to the Cure's career! More angry than depressing, but with some classic pop-Cure moments, too: Consistently brilliant. To mention less than half of their albums! Rumours say their recording a new album at the moment, and it will be released on Halloween!
  4. Idlewild lead singer's solo album, due to be released on Monday. It's been described as 'folk rock' by Woomble, which I think would be a reasonable description of Idlewild's last album, Warnings Promises, which I love. You can listen to one of the songs on www.myspace.com/roddywoomble. It's very nice and very folk. Oh yeah, I have a spare ticket for the concert in Leeds next Thursday- if anyone's interested just PM me.
  5. It was on channel 4 on Monday night. It was about a girl that was basically brought up by dogs, because she was negleted by her abusive, alcoholic scum for parents. When she was found, at eight, she walked on all fours and barked like a dog. Apparently seeing this on video was a disturbing and affecting sight. Anyway the programme documented her attempts to learn language and normal human behavioural skills, questioning whether nurture or nature is of most importance in the raising of a human being. I do linguistics at uni, and we've studied feral children, which is why the programme was of particular interest, but hey it just sounds interesting anyway, right?!
  6. Did anyone watch this, or better still, record it?! I really wanted to watch it, but it got taped over
  7. Only listened to Jupiter so far, and love: Dani California Snow (Hey Oh) Charlie Stadium Arcadium Strip My Mind (which sounds like a Frusciante song) Especially In Michigan
  8. I'm not saying they're the best, but they're probably my favourites- have no idea about the order though. Radiohead OK Computer Radiohead Kid A Radiohead The Bends Idlewild Warnings/ Promises Doves The Last Broadcast Idlewild 100 Broken Windows Blur Think Tank Easyworld Kill the Last Romantic Cure Disintegration Mogwai Happy Songs for Happy People
  9. Ha ha Kaiser Cheifs' Employment above Parklife. I love that. The Cure barely getting a mention. Love that too. And Muse Absolution above OKC. Ace. Also I'm not a fan of these bands but where are Queen, U2 or Pink Floyd?!
  10. it's great! i'm not sure about vision of division, ask me anything or electricityscape yet, but the rest of it is ace. my current favourite track is red light- the guitar in which reminds me of 12:51 in it's NES game-like guitar sounds! Have you guy's noticed that each page of the booklet has a little secret line on it, which seems to explain the song a little? For example-You only Live Once: With a hundred ways to do a dozen things, why not try it all? By the way Discostu is right, Room on Fire was, contrary to popular belief, ace. Not a bad track on it!
  11. My top 5 albums of the year are: Idlewild -Warnings/ Promises Hot Hot Heat -Elevator David Ford - I Sincerily Apologise for All the Trouble I' ve Caused Gorillaz- Demon Days Doves -Some Cities They're all fantastic.
  12. Aww come on. 'LIVIN 4 DA WEEKEND'...it's the kind of song you can imagine Rachel Stevens singing. And the video to Hard to Beat!! I think they're alright in small doses. It's catchy.
  13. MUST...RESIST....POINTLESS RADIOHEAD DISCUSSION! I disagree with you big time anyway!
  14. jet_set_radio


    My cousin sung with bent. Alone in Kyoto is a lovely track, and Air do a lot of equally lovely stuff. Moon Safari only costs a fiver at Music Zone and Talkie Walkie was £5.99 on CDWow...bargains! Both lovely chill out albums. Agree about Sexy Boy, though; the worst Air track from either of the two aforementioned CDs ama.
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