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  1. There is something wrong about that photo. Whats it all about?
  2. Crop of most the bottom and that would make a lovely shot
  3. Thats not the trick to be a good sniper sitting in one spot. You need to make one kill then move to a spot close by. This way the person u just killed wont respawn know your still there in the same spot
  4. What camera is that taken with? Plus using macro lense?
  5. Sorry but how does that fat cunt with curly hair stay so... well... fat? THERE IS NO KFC ON THE ISLAND
  6. Even better is a bocadilla spanish omlette in a sarni
  7. Cactus

    Dance Track

    lurvly jubly cheers guys
  8. yeah i bought retail HL2 and can't seem too find Blue shift as an option
  9. Cactus

    Dance Track

    Were in the car with a nice girl im seeing and this track came on the radio Click on the Positiva link and listen to the intro... Positiva? Many thanks
  10. Some mahoosive boulder in New Zealand
  11. went to one in New Zealand and it was fine
  12. Carib If you ever go to Trinnidad or Tobago this is the best beer around. Even much so i brought a bottle home to place on my window sill.
  13. Cactus

    Best Subways

    Meatball and cheese
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