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  1. This is excellent.

    Loved this! Would definitely buy something like this if it was a bit more feature complete.

    Cool, glad you both liked it. I trust you nice people posted those reviews on the app store?

    Submitted a new app today... Exciting!

  2. I (well, we) finally released our first free iPhone and iPad app. Called Swarovski Refract, it's lets you make audio visual compositions by creating crystal shapes on screen. Change the shape to change the sample, move the facets around to change the pitch, and move the shapes further apart to change the time delay between each sound. Oh and use headphones!

    Also got some hidden unlockable features, to start create your first 10 shapes to unlock the beats feature - that's when things get interesting.



    I've got a couple more free iPhone games in final stages too, so interested to hear your thoughts!

  3. Sorry guys, forgot to mention, I'm off on my holidays early tomorrow morning, need to be packing and stuff. Oh and I don't get back til next Friday so I'm not around next week either.

    Apologies for my poor attendance of late — blaming it mostly on my very odd temporary living arrangements. Totally understand if you would rather find a replacement for the remainder of the season. Not fair on the rest of the team.

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