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  1. Choose favourite pieces? Not creating specifically for this then?
  2. Updatezzzzz MMMYEAHNICE
  3. I just saw Battlestar Galactica mentioned on an old episode of screen wipe. I take it the series is good then? Never seen it before but am a fan of the Treks and Star Wars (obv) and I do like a decent space battle. Where do I start, do I have to get hold of earlier series or can I just start watching? Cheers
  4. Keep going with the pics Jobe.
  5. Chris303


    Not bad for a university project (iirc).
  6. Your flickr account disables checking the bigger version. Change your account settings to allow everyone to download your pics. I want the big version too, it's great!
  7. Yeah I'd like to know the details too, it's great.
  8. Click for big! (10.1 megapixel bitches)
  9. I'd worry about the foil being a bit tacky. How does it work, is it literally an area of silver? I like that image though, the one being discuss at the mo.
  10. I'm stuck on Masta Killas version of Pass the Bone, it's great.
  11. There's a totally different feel to film, those pics especially, very rich. I wish I had a darkroom, I loved it at college.
  12. Those CD covers... Good lord.
  13. Chris303

    Kaiser Chiefs

    I love the fact everyone hate the Kaiser Chiefs. Really thought I was the only one!
  14. First one from me, it's harder than it looks!
  15. The bottom one is really lovely. And I like those car boot pics as well, the greasy spoon one is great.
  16. I'd join, good luck getting the big names to join though, most of them are way too busy for the little guys. Cept that Si Scott, he's a nice bloke.
  17. Chris303

    Master Plan

    This is a similar thing you might like: It's basically a typographic animation of the the "WHAT!?" scene from Pulp Fiction. http://www.motionographermedia.com/jarratt.../intonation.mov
  18. Isn't the point is that they said they wont even be working on it further, instead concentrating on new games blah blah spin spin. Edit: What MID said.
  19. Too funny this new series. That guy on the end was pretty good too.
  20. Have you ever used Autoshop/Autoillustrator? The http://www.signwave.co.uk/ website is down at the moment but I can host the install file if you want. It's basically anti-photoshop, all the tools work in very unexpected ways but you can achieve some interesting images. I think you would enjoy it.
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