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  1. I'd rather be moody playing out of position than moody cos we lost. Keep it consistent I say.
  2. Can anyone else smell that faint whiff of glory?
  3. Scratch and heretic, amazing. Bring back the old days! And apologies about last night. Easter weekend threw me, I went out for Friday drinks totally forgetting it was only Thursday! Cheers for the season tho!
  4. Guys, I gotta work late tonight I'm afraid so no BAPs for me.
  5. I'll be around later. And I'd quite like my normal position please...
  6. Yo dudes, I'm buried under mountains of paper at the office. I'll try and be there for at least some of the games but it's a matter of whenever I get back. Sozzles! x
  7. I'll be on as soon as I've munched down this dirty kebab. Thursdays are turning into a bit of a boys night in!
  8. Anyone around tonight? I'm still at work but might be about later?
  9. I'll be there. Sean, think can you maybe arrange someone else to get everyone in a party etc? If you're not back til 10 past we probably wont get starting til half past and that's a bit late for me.
  10. Sorry chaps, still going here at work. In for the long haul I think... Good luck!
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