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  1. I'll think I should be able to make it, although we're stacked at the moment at work so if I'm required to work on I'll have to give it a miss.
  2. I didn't even realise we had a game left. And now I can't make it either, apologies!
  3. I don't think having the defensive midfield as one of two people is a good idea. Needs a lot of concentration which can't be done with two people. I would change!
  4. Hastings?! Girlfriend?! So many things I don't know. Why are you seeing a girl from Hastings??
  5. Anyone around tonight then? I'll be up for a couple of games before my lady gets home as long as it's not too late.
  6. Can't believe I dropped again. How many seasons without dropping and then twice in a matter of weeks!
  7. As long as my housemates don't park themselves in front of the TV between now and then, I'll be up for a 2v2 or something with ya Mike.
  8. Good games last night chaps. Passing was a lot better. I do have one thing to say tho, sometimes we need to pick better passes, passing it forward sometimes isn't enough. There was a few times when a diagonal ball, or a pass played to the wings would have a been a better option. It's so important to retain possession that we need to choose players that are open to receive the ball. Hard to do when we are trying to play the quick passes I know, but it's something to work on. All in all tho, good works.
  9. Sorry mate, gotta work late on a big pitch. Joe, how was the gig?
  10. I saw them last night... for the second time this year. Was gooood!
  11. Guys the games will need to get underway ontime tonight if I am to stay to the end. My housemate has family over from sweeden and they are sleeping in the lounge where the xbox is.
  12. This thread is so quiet... Has anyone come forward yet?
  13. Saying that, the prospect of pairing up with Tom at the back is certainly intriguing.
  14. Sorry, yeah I hope to play. Although my ladyfriend gets back into London tomorrow evening after working away for a while and will be wanting to be taken out to dinner. If that's the case, I may have to bail. Sorry!
  15. Good games chaps. In general, I thought the defence was okay. It's only when it you guys needed to he in line was when it went wrong. When I think back to previous seasons it was the good communication and direction that made things work better. We need to get back to that. Anyways, well played methinks.
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