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  1. There's a small chance I might not be able to escape a birthday party I'm going to tomorrow evening. Saying that, hopefully no one will see me leave and I'll be able to join you. Wish me luck. Chris out. x
  2. To be fair, I set up such a great opportunitys anyone could have scored, AI or not.
  3. Annoyingly got held up last night. Even more annoying was that I practically ran home only to miss the start of game two by only a minute. Next week innit.
  4. Sorry to ruin the full squad but I've got to go to an awards ceremony tonight at Buckingham Palace. You gotta take these invites when you can Good luck chaps, sorry I can't be there for the big opener!
  5. Yeah suffered from the lack of players. Some people (Tom) need to sort their commitment...
  6. Woo, just got back from Italy. Nice to see my name on the teamsheet once again. Atheletic 4 life innit! Sad to see Mike go, but hello to the others!
  7. I'm in please. And also, Pompey told me he is carrying on, although he is on holiday til Friday so won't be able to sign up. Pretty sure he wants in though
  8. Sorry I can't be around on Thursday chaps, random trip to Italy with my lovely ladyfriend. Best of luck!
  9. Sorry about the disconnect chaps. Went all laggy for a bit then booted me off. I take it we lost then?
  10. Was a bit rubbish. Lack of playered and the lag, shame though, because I thought we started where we left off until that first goal went in.
  11. Gah, my internets are playing up. Just restating router!
  12. Hello lovelies. It would be great if we could get things kicked off promptly tonight please. While I very much enjoy our time together, the misses is coming over and she doesn't like it when I shout at the TV. Best, Chris
  13. Is it with me taking Gerrard again? I think it is.
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