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  1. I can't, sorry guys! Why don't we play it Thursday, when we know most people will be around?
  2. Umm, was in the pub... Totally forgot, sorry to have missed the game!
  3. Ummm... I'm going to blame the lag on that OG. I was hammering buttons to get that clear!
  4. It's been emotional. Sorry for the yellow card x
  5. I turned down guestlist for this Silly me.
  6. I won't be able to make it Tom... Late slot for 5-a-side, kick off isn't even til 9.30pm! Sorry team!
  7. More Tuesday games please so I can make them. And we all know how well we do when I play.
  8. I promise to try and make it to more than one game.
  9. I'll go again. Probs. I guess I only really want to play if I'm in my bro's team (Pompey88).
  10. People need to get themselves into space and make sure there is a ball on for the guy in possession, no point being in space if there is no clear pass. Defenders just need to stay awake.
  11. Sorry I missed this one chaps, had a late kick off in some real life football, will be around next week though! I'll sort things out!
  12. As ypu already know dear boy, forward, attacking mid or attacking winger would be nice!
  13. Yes please... Team mates: Pompey88 Availability: Tues Manager: Nah Club Type: Don't mind
  14. Chris303


    Anyone got any invites for meeee? I invited loads of people here when I was an Oink user.
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