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  1. Anyone got any love for me?
  2. My business cards are a bit special, printed on a nice heavy quality card, black one side, pure magenta on the other - finished with the company logo spot UV glossed and embossed. Deeelicious.
  3. Does anyone have invites for Waffles, or What.cd? I'm still hunting for my new source of music since Oink. If it makes I invited a fair few people on here and had over 100gb uploaded. xxx
  4. Despite having no face, this poor fella never lacked enthusiasm.
  5. Open communication with a greeting using the persons name at the top of the email. CV doesn't have to be fancy, witty or clever - just include a pdf of decent work. Your own website or online portfolio will help a lot too. I'm giving six grads interviews this month all for placements. Send me a link to some work and I'll see if I can offer some extra advice.
  6. Chris303

    Turnmills RIP

    Last night I went to was the Modular party just before xmas. Wasn't all that to be honest.
  7. Finally got round to making sushi today. And I reckon I did a pretty good job! My Canadian housemate is a big sushi fan (that's all they eat in Vancouver apparently) and I made sweet potatoe and avocado rolls. And then some other veggie combos. Got a fair bit left for lunch tomorrow too
  8. In a evening of playing random games my friend and I had a blast on Def Jam fight for New York - if you ever need any proof the above point, just play this game. The whole career mode is about getting into a gang, beating people up, spending your winnings on bling, while trying to pinch other guys girlfriends over a fight. Classic!
  9. Ah, they are indeed back. Don't know what happened there!
  10. Chris303

    Sonar 2008

    AntiSonar is metal, I went for a couple of days last last year, stayed til about lunchtime after the main Sonar stuff had finished - Pretty much til me feet gave way. It was pretty hardcore, at one point I was sitting around on some bricks at the back watching two punks snort something scary looking. They took turns holding each other up while they hovered shit up. Proper fucked they were. Also, the dusty ground ruined my kicks! Sonar though, was amazing, best time ever I think. But then I was out of my tree for most of it, so I could well be lying. Not really impressed by the line-up this year though. MIA, Justice, BusyP, Sebastian, Mehdi will all be good... Maybe I need to check out some of the other artists. Still, I'll be there again.
  11. Does anyone still have the images from the first post?
  12. ...Trail of Dead. Supported by The Strokes would you believe.
  13. http://del.icio.us/noako/studio http://del.icio.us/noako/studios http://del.icio.us/noako/UK And also http://del.icio.us/noako/portfolio - although a fair amount of these will probably just be individuals. I'll add to this post the address of the studio where I work, but not til next week when we launch our new site!
  14. I almost totally forgot, I'm seeing Hot Chip on Tuesday - they are going to be on the culture show and I'm going to see the recording of that.
  15. I need to get into that site.
  16. I'd be interested in seeing them mate. These days I find myself sketching onto a lined notepad mostly. But then I don't sketch much.
  17. Ex long term oink member seeks inviter for friendship and maybe more.
  18. Check the Design Council website tomorrow for the Prince Philip Designers Prize Podcast video. I made a few of the animations on that including the opening one. I also directed some of the shots. There's even a cameo of me in Magma bookstore.
  19. Chris303

    OiNK Users

    Noooooooooooooo... Where now?
  20. In the Key of Dee - good name, shit record.
  21. PTLens will sort out your wide-angle lens bending the vertical lines in your photos. Noise-Ninja, which does exactly what it says on the tin.
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