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  1. Chris303

    Sonar 2007

    Updated with a few more, plus now the day stuff.
  2. Chris303

    Sonar 2007

    Also, have you heard of AntiSonar?
  3. Chris303

    Sonar 2007

    This is my plan, with some serious clashes going on, but I'll be to fucked to care by the time I realise.
  4. Chris303

    Sonar 2007

    What's that you got there, some kind of planner thing? Edit: Nevermind, I found it - MySonar eh? Also are you not going to the opening night? Also, is there anything in particular you personally recommend? Edit2: Man, I've been so caught up in other things lately I've barely had time to look at who playing, browsing through listening to various samples is getting me well excited!
  5. At my degree show, my newish 400D - hopefully it'll get sorted on the house insurance. But still - bastard aint it!
  6. I've had my camera stolen
  7. Pink shirt on the opening night, I was there this afternoon though.
  8. http://www.flickr.com/photos/7359264@N03/s...328869772/show/ http://www.gdnm.co.uk/05/index2.html Plenty of pics of the opening night and then of our after party. I'm the chap in the pink tshirt (to match the show branding) and suit jacket. Feel free to come down sometime, it's open til Monday in shoreditch at the Atlantis Gallery on Brick Lane - opposite Cafe 1001 (the BBQ place). I'm there from about 3 today I think, feel free to say hello.
  9. Maybe it said 'Buy now, play later' and you just misread it slightly.
  10. Have you seen this? It's their inspiration for the song, check out all the lines from the poster.
  11. Chris303

    11 Vs 11

    It'll never work.
  12. Hmm, I think it should be what people make from the theme.
  13. I was listening to the new album earlier, it's pretty good
  14. Chris303

    Sonar 2007

    Ha, no I haven't. Should really get on to that. Who you going with? I'm going with two friends, a girl and a guy, and recently they have been getting far too chummy for my liking. If those two end up getting it on I'm going to be so pissed off.
  15. I will get something to you by tuesday evening.
  16. Agh no, Tuesday? When you say Tuesday, do you mean any time Tuesday?
  17. This would be sweet. I'll sort something out in a bit if you fancy including me.
  18. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_South...isodes.22_Lists That should keep you going!
  19. Everything is way too big, huge header/banner, unnecessarily huge buttons etc etc.
  20. Turtles girl is amazing.
  21. Chris303

    Sonar 2007

    I'll be there this year Booked my flights yesterday.
  22. Dizzee was great, Travis were okay, wasn't a fan of Grinderman at all. Also, Kaiser Chiefs on Johnny Ross were terrible!
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