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  1. If you get a chance to see We Are Marshall, he's great in that. Sadly not a film that's on Netflix.
  2. idiwa

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'm currently signed up for Gamepass Ultimate (after buying some passes online its upgraded my Gamepass from PC to Ultimate). Anyhoo... I bought a Series X pad for the PC the other day and its come with a 14 days free code. There's nothing to say its a 14 day trial, just "Redeem code for 14 days free". If I try and redeem this code it states its for new members only (again nada saying this on the card itself). Any way I can use this for my existing account or is it just for new customers? I'd not be that arsed but there is sod all to say its a 14 day trail/ new customer offer.
  3. Sharing this link to ATF regarding cloud based back up for photography. Appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions/' recommendations. cheers.
  4. Luna New Moon by Ian McDonald is £0.99 on Kindle just now with the second and third book of the trilogy being reduced in price. #Sci-Fi
  5. I still wanna know what happened to Jeff Backalar at his doctor's surgery
  6. Its staring to make more sense now Not sure if I should sack off using a keyboard and switch to pad as I'm so fecking slow with my WASD skillz. One thing, what sort of FPS are you all getting? Running a 3070 its like barley over 60FPS at any time.
  7. I heard similar, also Huawei have been stashing chips due to all the b/s with the US, covid is making production in factories more of a pain due to social distancing (lulz, robots?) and you can't just knock out new factories on a whim. I need to replace our car as its PCP agreement comes to an end in Nov this year, wonder if I'll have to install Telegram to see if I can get a Rover 100 on a mid week drop.
  8. I flogged my barley 3 month old MSI 1660 Super on the forum last month for RRP. I just could not be arsed with people taking the piss with eBay. I was more bothered about it going to a formite with minimum fuss for myself. So yeah I took the piss in that it was RRP rather than P/O but it was immaculate.
  9. I bought this yesterday after hearing good things about it on Bombcast. I've never played anything like this before, never even seen Minecraft running etc. I'm aware that I want to avoid spoilers and learn for myself but I'm just walking around like a fucking ediot. Also, megalulz... it gave me motion sickness! da fuq I might just cull my character and start again with the confidence of some root ginger coursing through my system.
  10. Sorry man, forgot to reply to this after reading it in the day. Its just a big ass mouse mat. I'm going to buy a crappy black MDF shelf from B&Q and have it sitting on that this weekend. By April I should be replacing the desk with a wall to wall desk and the PC tower will be off the ground. Since getting the second monitor it was just too cramped having the PC on the desk. If it was going to be more perm I'd just take a craft knife to the mouse mat to cut it more to size.
  11. Since I built the PC I've been busting my chops to sit at night reading a few chapters of a novel just to get away from looking at screens (reading on a kindle... )
  12. Sorry @Mogster I didn't really explain it well; I'm WFH for the forceable (started a new role in Dec and I'm contracted to WFH). I'm a UX designer and I'm Mac based. So currently I've got my own MBP 15" a 13" MBP from work (with fucking dongals everywhere!!!1) and the PC. The PC was built for gaming and as Photo/ Video editor as I'm sick of paying silly money for underpowered Macs with soldered in RAM. Those three are going through 2x 27" panels. One is a 4k screen for design/ photography the other is purely for gaming at 1440p at 144Hz. I think it will get better once the clocks c
  13. Since I built mine in late Nov I've hardly used it 3600 AMD, 3070, 64GB RAM and a 144hz 27" The pisser is it's in my home office and after a day's work the last thing I want to do is stay in that room gaming. I need to find a game to hook me, at the moment I just can't get into anything. Probably the most I've played is 12 hrs of Northgard. I think @iwan_canobi has similar builders remorse.
  14. Same for me. I'm fine with podcasts doing stuff as you can drift in and out and catch up with the gist of it... but audiobooks they just send me to sleep.
  15. Re-done the 3070 with an additional PCIe cable and a 6pin extensions the same as the 8pin. Also bung in the CoolerMaster 90 degree adapter for the 24pin ATX cable.
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