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  1. DVD Special edition box quote right there people.
  2. Since Warzone came out I've hardly played any MP (normally played Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint and Domination). I don't know why but Warzone has really grabbed me (either solo or as a pair in a trio game). Prior to this I had no interest in BR style games.
  3. I only buy digital because I care about the environmental impact of plastic used I'm games retail* *...but mostly because I'm a lazy bastard.
  4. In the original Xbox Splinter Cell demo there was a part when you could walk through a semi transparent curtain next to a medical bed. Pretty amazing when the curtain flowed around Sam's body... Something that today you wouldn't bat an eyelid at.
  5. Yay! Another Gaint Bomb email.. straight in the trash.
  6. Mine was The Orb for our spectrum 48k when we bought it... it was utter shite. Thankfully my Aunt got my Daley Thompson's Decathlon that Christmas.
  7. idiwa

    Comfort Gaming

    I'm enjoying playing CoD Warzone with a friend/co-worker at the moment, its good to just natter as we do stuff and it keeps us in touch daily as we're now working on different projects. But It's not exactly relaxing. I think really id like to get back into a decent golf game. Whilst I enjoyed previous versions of Everybody's Golf on PSP, Vita and PS3 the PS4 version leaves me cold and I just can't get into it. Cool post yeah..
  8. @Zio Had my first attempt at Scythe Digital last night, having went through all the tutorials I felt like I'd just watched that Adam & Joe quiz show... think I need to give it another play through. Felt like a riot idiot in my first game. I'm sure there are errors in the tutorial when its showing how things are calculated as its saying X=Y = Blah but the numbers don't add up. Anyway I'll give it another go tonight. Cheers for the recommendation of Star Wars Rebellion too. It does sound a bit meh, but I'll give the review a watch, thanks @Lying Cat To both of you were is the best place to buy games? IS https://www.board-game.co.uk/ a decent store? A lot of the Amazon listings seem to be misleading and have read so many comments of being supplied with wrong version or language variants. Thanks again to both of you.
  9. Anywhere to view this other than iPlayer? Is it the kind of thing you could get via iTunes? Looking for legit rather than acquiring on the high seas.
  10. it's always the weather for leather! I'll get me coat* *its leather.
  11. Big shout out to the @Lochenvar massive for kindly passing me a steam code for Scythe. Very much appreciated.
  12. My wife and I are looking for a decent boardgame for the both of us with the option of my step son joining in (22). I come from a tabletop background playing 40k, Bloodbowl, AD&D, WHFRP, WFB etc when I was around 15-18 and my wife and step son played some Risk with me a while back and really enjoyed it. I've always had a bit of a thing for Scythe and I'm thinking of getting it for the family. As I understand it you can play single player as well as 2-4 and it takes around an hour and a half to run. Is it a bit of a massivo (concept) to get our heads around, or is it fairly easy to pick up? I noticed Scythe is on Steam as part of a Humble Bundle deal at the moment - is it a good idea to get this first, to help with learning the game? or is it very much different to the tabletop original and could put us off playing? A lot of variables I know Cheers in advance.
  13. Just on the Gaunt's Ghost theme - Reading Anarch (book 15) there are some interesting themes. It's not really spoiler territory but I'll bung it in tags
  14. I always thought it was more about waiting for it to happen, knowing that it was about to hit... not in a Threads way...
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