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  1. I tend not to go to the cinema anymore; the experience for me is... Different now. In the past when I had a Cineworld card I saw over 70 films in a year. Now I'm lucky if I go once a year. Though I did go to see the final cut of Apocalypse Now a few weeks ago. Infinity War seemed all over the place and I felt like I should have rewatched everything before seeing it. As it stands I think the only one I've not seen is Dr Strange. Speaking to friends this morning about it they had me down as someone who just wasn't into Marvel but I really enjoyed Ironman 1 & 3, the Thor films and Captain America (as well as Guardian's). I wanted to see Endgame to get some closure to the series and I'd gone to great measures to avoid work place spoilers and all that shit. But last night both of us were sitting with some wine and assorted nibbles looking forward to it and then...fttt. Horses for courses and all that.
  2. No, not really. It's just my oppinion. Happy that yourself and others enjoyed it and rewatch it, but for me it fell so flat I really could not be bothered to finish it.
  3. Watched this last night as a rental. My wife and I got an hour and a half into it before we agreed we were both bored as batshit. Half way into it and nothing really grabbed us. I'd managed to ignore any spoilers about the film and was looking forward to seeing it. We were going to watch the second half this morning but I think I'm going to clean the windows of the house instead. Meh etc.
  4. Da fuq! I thought it was supposed to be March 2020. EDIT - Ahh gone from the store, not the servers are shut down.
  5. <cough>Division 2</cough>
  6. The big difference between your journey into fatherhood and Jeff's is his job is gaming. It's not a hobby or pastime.
  7. @Stopharage Not wanting to sound dense but how are you getting these Kindle sales lists? I use a Kindle Paperwhite so I don't get any alerts or anything but I do when I occasionally use Kindle on my phone. I can't see any way to set up any alerts on Amazon itself, and anything I sodding google just comes up with Kindle device recommendations. Arrrrrse!
  8. I think I'm the opposite; I find myself more looking for a good narrative and a good single player rather than just going for online stuff like I used to. For me the golden age was COD 4, MW2 and Rainbow Vegas where there was always a good crowd on (Meermans vegas games especially). Now the only MP I can be arsed with is Titanfall 2 and I know sooner or later it will die out and I wont be able to get a game. At the ripe old age of 44 I bought GTA V last week. I've never played a single GTA title.. I'm still not sure what made me buy it the other day... just to keep everything in check I bought (yet again) Resident Evil 4.
  9. 3hrs of pure brilliance this afternoon. Worth it for the sound alone. Having never seen redux a few questions - With the French plantation, was that supposed to be Willard tripping out/ off his tits on something? I'm sure I read years ago there was also a theory that it was supposed to be ghosts? I was also expecting the PBR to come across the downed Playboy bunny Huey and Chef to get some mangos. I take it thats just in Redux? Finally in the original did we ever see Kilgore's surfboard stashed on the PBR? I can't remember seeing it in the background or anything.
  10. Booked a ticket for this playing today in Newcastle, but I can't sodding go now. The horror.... the horror Edit fuck that, I'm in!
  11. @Rayn in ref to gaming on mobile devices - I just can't be arsed with in app purchases and adverts. Even games I've bought in the past (to avoid adverts) now have adverts in them. I just find mobile gaming to be disappointing and not worth the effort (along with trying to use my phone less and less).
  12. Hunter Killer (Jezza Butler submarine flick) is now on Netflix. Utter gash! (Exactly what you'd expect)
  13. I've been playing as its free on PS Plus this month. It's been on my hit list for a while and I kind of glad I didn't fork out for it as I'm not that taken with it. Which is a shame as I really enjoyed playing Sniper Elite on the xbox. I think its more the way I'm playing it rather than the game. I doesn't seem to penalise you for murdering everyone or making too much noise. I expected it to be more stealth and more trying to mask shots with overhead aircraft and stuff. As far as skill level I've did the first level (the island) on Marksman (Normal) and then I've started the second mission on Sniper Elite (Hard) but again I can wipe out a patrol boat and assorted bad guys and no one seems to give a toss. Just feels a bit pointless. Not shitting on anyone else's parade I just a bit underwhelmed with it.
  14. Just finished book 8
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