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  1. Chasm City by Alistair Reynolds is down to £2.99 on Kindle at the moment.
  2. Chasm City by Alistair Reynolds is down to £2.99 at the moment.
  3. Turd has been swerved, thanks @Mr. Gerbik
  4. I just watched a trailer, is the game full of pure cringe humour all the way through?
  5. Anyone watching Paris Roubaix today?
  6. Plot twist: Kojima is @SeanR son!!!! OMG!!!!!!
  7. @Bluejam after watching RedLetter I just want to watch Moonfail it to see how utter shite it is.
  8. Come on man, I'm sure some of your kids are ok. Chin up yeah.
  9. I still feel like I'm being too heavy handed in LR. Still feel like having the camera is more a burden than something I enjoy.
  10. idiwa


    I noticed the soundtrack is now on Spotify, a few days ago it wasn't available.
  11. idiwa


    I'm loving this and grabbed it on day one. I never really played a lot of Zelda and tbh the only one I put loads of time in was Minish Cap. But I do have a massive place in my heart for Alundra on the PS1 and this just feels the same. yeah I know Alundra was a mimic of Zelda but... humour me. I feel kinda stuck now though and worst I don't even have a sodding clue how to articulate this on this thread. I think I need to draft a reply with all the shit I've done and spoiler it. One question: Is the game linear? do you have to do things in strict order or is it a bit loosey-goosey? Thanks
  12. I'm finding the controls really weird. Carving around feels really chilled though. Only given it about half an hour though so early days.
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