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  1. Cracking work @gravity0. What a gent.
  2. I guess the other thing is posting stuff and wanting feedback vs wanting a thumbs up. This is what I don't like about Instagram. I want to grow as a photographer but most are just hitting like and onto the next. Really what I should be doing (if its on instagram) is stating that I am happy to have my work critiqued and using hashtags that pull people into this. My gut tells me instagram is not the best place for that sort of feedback but again it could be that I find people I like/ know/ trust and ask them for feedback in a less public way in the future. I don't want a yes man telling me I'm awesome I want to get better. But in the same way I don't want to have the shit ripped out of me in public. ACK!
  3. I think its as others have said you need to hit your target market. Its like trying to get feedback on a really nice craft hazy IPA in a Yate's Wine Lodge... no one is gonna give a shit.
  4. The girl with all the gifts is 99p today.
  5. They did a decent Hitman series where Brad and Vinnie were doing the same mission in real time and seeing who got the fastest time with Alex doing all the vision mixing. Was pretty funny. I think I was watching that on Twitch rather than YT.
  6. What do folk have mapped for the toggle grenade button? By default it's Dpad left but it always feels really awkward.
  7. It's all about the inches. Even if I only get the skull for 1 second that could be enough to win the match later on. If we have the skull I'm running point for the guy carrying and hopefully he realises this and follows so I can deal with anything that will threaten him/her. But if the skull is loose and I can grab it and knowing that I will be hosed down in seconds then fuck it. Thats a few seconds in the kitty.
  8. As an aside I don't think I can play on anything less than hard. I think if I were to go regular/ story mode I'd think I was cheating myself of the experience. Suffice to say I get fucked off with games because they are too hard (or unfair) and never finish the buggers.
  9. Has anyone coughed up for the upper tier? I was supporting them for a while for the regular podcast. I do miss the more "talking about any old shit" from the Beastcast but I'm loathed to lay through the nose for it. I'd have thought by this point they'd at least have made one free/preview episode available so you could see what you were signing up for.
  10. Is there no Game of the Year shizzle this year? Just to echo comments on Jess. At first I liked her but she's far too try hard. It is pure cringe and the constant banging on about Silent Hill is getting very (very) tired.
  11. Edit just read it in the Hotdeals info. Ignore. Ta. So does that convert to Gamepass when you redeem for no extra cost? As CD Keys is XB Live Gold.
  12. Yeah, I agree. It looks very half arsed when you see someone else using it.
  13. It's too quiet.. @todos Hope you're doing OK R kid! https://astrangelyisolatedplace.bandcamp.com/track/continuous-dj-mix
  14. I don't know if its just me but when I last had a fanny about with Theatre (PC) it was changing my Spartan's voice to some hey bro surfer accent and Butler to some fem voiced bot.
  15. @Stopharage so after spending over 15 quid what then? Where should I be looking for this £5 credit? cheers. EDIT ack! just gotten an email. To anyone else that was wondering the credit will automatically be redeemed against the next Kindle purchase.
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