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  1. Chasm City by Alistair Reynolds is down to £2.99 on Kindle at the moment.
  2. Chasm City by Alistair Reynolds is down to £2.99 at the moment.
  3. Turd has been swerved, thanks @Mr. Gerbik
  4. I just watched a trailer, is the game full of pure cringe humour all the way through?
  5. Plot twist: Kojima is @SeanR son!!!! OMG!!!!!!
  6. @Bluejam after watching RedLetter I just want to watch Moonfail it to see how utter shite it is.
  7. Come on man, I'm sure some of your kids are ok. Chin up yeah.
  8. I still feel like I'm being too heavy handed in LR. Still feel like having the camera is more a burden than something I enjoy.
  9. idiwa


    I noticed the soundtrack is now on Spotify, a few days ago it wasn't available.
  10. idiwa


    I'm loving this and grabbed it on day one. I never really played a lot of Zelda and tbh the only one I put loads of time in was Minish Cap. But I do have a massive place in my heart for Alundra on the PS1 and this just feels the same. yeah I know Alundra was a mimic of Zelda but... humour me. I feel kinda stuck now though and worst I don't even have a sodding clue how to articulate this on this thread. I think I need to draft a reply with all the shit I've done and spoiler it. One question: Is the game linear? do you have to do things in strict order or is it a bit loosey-goosey? Thanks
  11. I'm finding the controls really weird. Carving around feels really chilled though. Only given it about half an hour though so early days.
  12. Yeah it's fucking shocking. Why do games think we need narrative and Yeah Bro shit in it. 🤙
  13. Aye thats great but whadda 'bout my question, eh! ta. So i take it atm you can't navigate the dash with a tv remote?
  14. When are we expecting full HDMI-CEC control for the series S|X? I know currently it's available to power up my TV on with the Series S boot up, volume control etc. I've seen a few articles from around September last year saying the ability to navigate the dash control Netflix etc was coming soon. Has this feature not dropped yet?
  15. Series S acquired this morning and Gamepass Ultimate fully weaponised till March 2025. YASS! Just need some time off work to bloody enjoy it now.
  16. @moosegrinder cheers mun. @Mr. Gerbik cheers, yeah I kinda new this but need to read through it proper. My PC sub came to an end the otherday.
  17. I'm getting a Series S and I'm wondering if I will be able to download Forza 7 for it as I already grabbed that from Gamepass for PC. Will this mean I can get it for Series S|X or has that ship sailed? Thanks.
  18. Dedications what you need...
  19. See I get a weird thing were its showing two version of Nextlander. The one based on my personal Patreon RSS goes through Pocketcast's site to generate another RSS but this shows within Pocketcast as a dead podcast thats no longer providing new content. I might just ping Patreon.
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