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  1. Damn, went for the £30 deal. Started streaming Spider-man on my 40mb connection. It went okay to begin with, image quality fine, and then during the first heavy piece of combat it basically became unplayable and Spidey took on a life of his own. £30 lesson learnt. Back to SNES games on Switch.
  2. In a world with no sport it’s still fun to watch. I joined for the tokens and stayed for the drama.
  3. DC Lemon


    It does but he did manage to grab the 2nd fastest time a few days ago.
  4. There’s an Iron Man + 2 Moves bundle for £85.
  5. DC Lemon

    Metroid Prime 4

    If it’s a physical release coming out in less than a month, you’d think all the other retailers would have it up by now too. It’s not the kind of thing Nintendo would need to keep secret...
  6. I want that £29.85 ShopTo deal for PS Now but I’m not so sure my broadband does.
  7. The matches aren’t played behind closed doors, though. Poor attention to detail.
  8. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/05/talking_point_are_you_suffering_from_animal_crossing_new_horizons_fatigue I’m a bit fatigued after two months. I’ve done all I want to do for now but carry on logging in every day for the NMT and to see what’s available in the store and it turns AC into a chore that I almost resent. But if you take a break to recharge, you come back to weeds and upset neighbours.
  9. DC Lemon

    Nintendo Switch

    Panel de Pon added to the SNES app today in all its non-Tetris-rebranded glory. We westerners don’t deserve modern Nintendo.
  10. I knowingly purchased a fake ancient statue from Redd. Its eyes light up at night and it hovers when you touch it. For a fake it’s pretty badass. Now I must assemble an army.
  11. DC Lemon

    Metroid Prime 4

    They should be looking at MP4 as a launch window release for the next console and focus on the alleged 2D Metroid and remastered trilogy for Switch. After all this time it deserves better than to come out at the tail end of the Switch’s life. I want it to have some of that sexy next gen 1080p/60fps (dynamic, of course, I’m not greedy) Nintendo power.
  12. The series is very hit and miss but the trailer is a hit. I’m in.
  13. Y’all bringing anxiety into gardening now? My first black rose appeared this morning.
  14. DC Lemon

    Billie Eilish

    Unless I’ve been similarly misled, the only way she’s been manufactured is by herself and her brother in their bedroom where they wrote and recorded all their music. This is from four years ago when she was 14.
  15. I would like to marry Bree.
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