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  1. Horrified is one word. Blinded another. I have a TV from this range and just tried those settings. I genuinely think you might have something wrong with your eyes. Personal preference is personal preference but: Sharpness above 3 on this TV is overkill but in fairness it’s the least of your worries. Dynamic Contrast is broken IMHO. I’ve used it on a Samsung in the past and couldn’t understand why everyone was so against it but on this it literally destroys the picture. Colour at 70 combined with Colour Enhancement set to max is a vibe, I’ll give you that. When I just tried it, colour enhancement made everything look less natural and I noticed a loss in detail. There are situations where colour enhancement works, though. HDR Game mode requires a bit of a helping hand in this department. And I’ve no idea what noise and mpeg reduction would add to a modern console other than lag and a messed up image but those would be my main suspects for banding issues.
  2. Things will never be the same. Jeff is leaving in the middle of OW2 development. https://playoverwatch.com/en-gb/news/23665015/
  3. I hope it’s not too late to be accepted by FC United of Manchester. They knew what was coming since day one and wanted nothing to do with it. I’ve always respected them and hoped they’d get that dream FA Cup tie. That might be another dead dream today. Liverpool fans have it slightly better. They can support Everton now.
  4. Accidentally freezing a red Pac-Man on top of the fruit is one of the horror genre’s defining moments.
  5. Better late than never. Although for three years I’ve been resigned to it being never. Mario Golf is so near yet so far and I can’t wait, literally, so as well as PGA 2K21 filling the void (divot derby is amazing) I’ve returned to this after retiring it back in 2018. And of course this casually happens in 2021 after the wanker of all trophies eluded me over the course of many frustrating hours in my heyday with the game. Soon after I picked up a third. The tee is still comforting in its crowdedness but I can now leave this cursed place for good.
  6. Carnado is where all the fun is at in Destruction AllStars. I’m addicted to going up to the top dogs in the yard and stealing their dinner money. Harmony is also the best proponent of the boop since Lucio.
  7. This is a thing that happened in Maquette and I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to happen and meant I could no longer progress without restarting which put me back farther than I was willing to retread. It was already pushing its luck with its stupid puzzles and stupid storyline and stupid performance so it got uninstalled faster than Cyberpunk 2077 after this. Whoever made this, you’ve ruined Annapurna for me.
  8. They’ve undersold this slightly. Rock N Roll Racing Definitive Edition uses the original artist recordings and they’ve added a Rush song. Therefore it’s worth the asking price on its own.
  9. After the year we’ve had, the streets still look too busy for my liking.
  10. May your days be merry and bright And may all your new consoles be quiet.
  11. Last night I was given the Christmas gift of a 22 killstreak on Nuketown while capturing and defending the B flag. That’s my highest streak in this game so far. And if I hadn’t decided to napalm the B flag while still contesting it, it could have gone even better. 2020 isn’t just there for the bad things in life. Three cheers for everyone needing to be extra drunk to get through this holiday.
  12. It’s been an incredible innings but PS5 has managed to dethrone my Switch.
  13. Not convinced I’ll feel any different but I’m now willing to take the hit for £1 on Switch. Horace Goes Skiing is where it all began for me. Maybe this is where it ends...
  14. Yeah, apart from one positive review for the PS4 version, Metacritic tells an honest story. It’s just that CDPR made sure the story couldn’t be told before CP2077 came out. And yes, I’ve opted for a refund having given up on the game last week.
  15. I forgive everything. They’ve added Prop Hunt. Miami finally has a reason to exist.
  16. This perfect snowman crap makes me want to give up on the game altogether. You’ve ruined Christmas, Nintendo. On my island specifically you have literally ruined Christmas.
  17. Last night was not the most pleasant time to grind out the remaining prestige levels but I managed it. On top of the dreadful performance and resetting all settings again, it wasn’t letting me add all six perks to the Greed wildcard. It was obvious everyone was experiencing the same issues though so it was an interesting new mode of guess your frame rate and the next lag spike and try to work around it.
  18. In this Overwatch situation I’m normally one of the four other team mates with a muted mic muttering ‘every single fucking match’ to myself.
  19. With regret I’ve given up on it for the time being. Another patch next week, then a big one in January, then another big one in February. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?
  20. This is so frustrating. I’m really into it but have had three crashes on PS5 (each time while driving around the city) and as many instances where I’ve made it to the waypoint only to find the objective glitched out. It’s testament to how good it will be one day that I’m even considering carrying on with it like this.
  21. Power Your Dreams Dial Expectations Way Down.
  22. It’s unfortunate that more haven’t experienced the ‘other’ ending where you I’m still recovering. As for the MP, it might sound like hyperbole and contrary to everything we know about the development of the game, not to mention excusing various bugs I’ve encountered, but it’s kind of the most fun I’ve had since the MW2 glory days. I love the fact that snipers are constantly calling me a ‘fucking cunt’ in the death chat in this. Music to my ears. All hail the AUG. Not enough maps? It has Nuketown. It has enough maps.
  23. This is an unacceptable amount of wrong for one issue.
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