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  1. My kids love Pokemon (the iPhone one whatever it’s called) Mario Kart Wii and How to train your dragon Wii. In fact the probably consider it the greatest game ever. I never watch them or take part unless they want me to, I had to unlock most of the Mario Kart stuff for them because they spent all their time knocking each other off tracks. That seems the best way for me, they get the most fun out of creating dragons or collecting a billion pikachus or whatever and it’s their fun not mine.
  2. It’s a nice touch that you see a black cat at the start of the trailer. Really enjoyed the trailer too, was prepared to be disappointed but actually it looks good. Can’t wait.
  3. scruffycat

    Best B-Sides

    Is that the one that starts off with the sounds of a creaking house or ship? That’s my favourite b side of the box but I can’t remember which one that is. Still on the Orbital kick I really love Bigpipe Style from Style in fact I like a lot of Orbital ‘b-sides’ they did a lot of good remixes. But im not sure as to if they count as they don’t feel like b sides in the traditional sense.
  4. Yeah it was weird, very disjointed like different sections of a normal show rather than a special and I’ve no idea what the whole Chinese thing was about at the end. There were a couple of good moments but overall it wasn’t great.
  5. Somebody on muk posted a link to a good site to pick up RSD releases online but I can’t find it, anybody know of one? I literally only want one record and it’s obscure enough that I don’t think it will sell out anywhere but I’ve no chance of actually getting to a shop today.
  6. I caved in and ordered a neon one for my kids. Don’t care if it’s a few days late tbh they won’t get it till Christmas anyway.
  7. Wait, you mean my Dudley scored 11/10 grade copy of Simpsons Skateboarding PS2 isn’t going to fund my Barbados retirement?
  8. Will the ‘old’ non oled drop in price noticeably? (Sorry if this has been answered in thread I’ve not really read past the last couple of pages.) I was thinking of buying a Switch for my kids as they do enjoy gaming in a casual way but being kids I don’t think they will care much about the screen. It’ll be mostly docked in any case I think. I’m happy to get one of the new ones, though I would be pissed if the Switch 2 comes out soon after, but I’m not sure it really offers enough to make it worth it unless the price point is similar in any case.
  9. Yep. Capers, one of only two food items I genuinely can’t stand. The other is peach, but I don’t mind the actual flavour of peach, it’s the fruit itself. It has some weird texture thing going on with me that I can’t explain.
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