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  1. I love those Grand Central compilations so much, Central Heating, Hot Water/Cold Water music etc. Absolutely take me back to stoned Sunday afternoons many years ago.
  2. I’ve registered a complaint for the first time ever, fucking ghouls.
  3. Fruit. I never really though of adding fruit to salads I suppose all the cool kids do it, but a guy at work used to bring them in with grapes and whatnot in, was a revaluation to me. Mango. Papaya, grapes obviously all awesomeness.
  4. I did know there was another Sunroof but I haven’t ever heard them, though I have heard of Matthew Bower funnily enough.
  5. It’s great, I haven’t watched any of this series yet so I’m working my way through. Absolutely the best Partridge in an age.
  6. The cocktail section in episode 3 was just fabulous “Sprinkling fairy dust over middle age”
  7. They are supposedly a really really good live band. It’s a good album, so I can believe that
  8. The Makioka Sisters By Junichiro Tanizaki I’m a huge reader of Japanese novels and this is considered a classic, a must read. It’s set just as the second WW is breaking out and is ostensibly about the end of a certain era in Japans class system, a decaying ossified period that is about to completely change beyond all recognition. There are definite parallels with English novels written around the first WW. For those that don’t know the story it revolves mostly around the sisters attempts to marry off the second youngest of them and the youngest sisters attempts to live her own lif
  9. Chilled out Saturday , chilled out Monday.
  10. I’m not sure, I think it may have come out in April.
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