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  1. Absolutely, I buy big bags of Thai rice from a Chinese supermarket. Really good value and terrific rice. My local little organic shop does this stuff, it’s so so good.
  2. i barely remember the show funnily enough, but man that theme tune.
  3. That Kelly Lee Owens album is superb
  4. Happy Christmas everyone, had a big drive down to Nottingham to test my eyesight see my mother in law in a really nice park where we had a picnic Christmas dinner. A very socially distanced but great day. Hope everyone had a good day and are now vegetating on the sofa.
  5. oh that’s not bad, it looks like it should cost more.
  6. im in love with this record player, what is it?
  7. Cross posted from the vinyl lovers thread. First lp on my new set up.. It’s Jazz time.
  8. Finally after years of it sitting around gathering dust when my amp died, I sorted out my record player. Surprisingly it still worked! Bought a Teac amp from eBay, hooked up my Wharfdale err Diamond somethings and she lives. It’s an old Project Debut II I think, still sounds boss. Now to post in the what’s playing on your deck thread.
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