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  1. Well Bloodborne yeah, the rest not so much.
  2. If only that one guy who bought an Xbox in Japan bought Tekken 7.
  3. The Fume knight is a fucking massive sense of achievement when you twat him. Alonne is also a bit... Tricky. And the Burnt King...
  4. I enjoyed the hell out if it, but they really need to tighten the combat. Some cues on the non human enemies would be nice, a little more feedback as to when you've parried/blocked and a little more reactive controls. Some more moves etc. would also be appreciated. Different light saber forms could work.
  5. I'm normally not that fussed about Tetris and I am fucking loving Tetris Effect.
  6. Control for 22 quid ain't bad.
  7. I uh got him first time.... A certain dickhead in a lake killed me approximately a million times mind.
  8. Hmm since I've started using GamePass on the PC I've noticed I have a much more throwaway attitude to the games. Games I'd ordinarily like and stick with if I've paid for them are a lot easier to simply drop should I have not played them for a while. Things I've bought get prioritised instead. So that's Gears of Wars 5 and Outer World's both dropped despite enjoying them.
  9. Well this is a nice surprise. Bagged and likely to be next after Fallen Order is finished.
  10. Well that's certainly an opinion.
  11. Dark Arisen essentially just has more. Of everything. I think the remaster looks significantly better as well. The PC version definitely does.
  12. Lock on is overrated. I genuinely don't remember it being a problem or even noticing the lack of lock on.
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