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  1. I've been playing it for ages but cant get past a certain wanker with horns and chum. Never really figured out how to use cast?
  2. Only it'll look even more shit.
  3. Hopefully they'll make the app work properly as although it's an improvement from using the Windows store so is contracting anthrax.
  4. Pointless plastic tat that would be ridiculed if it wasn't made by Nintendo.
  5. 100% agree with this. Can't say I found anything more annoying than the main game to be honest. One of the boss fights took a couple of goes but that's about it. Not amazing DLC but more time spent in this game world is welcome.
  6. Confirmed as excellent DLC right there.
  7. Its a lot better than Bayonetta 2. Most disappointing sequel ever.
  8. I'm liking this a fair bit, everything is solid and it has a great atmosphere. I'm finding it bloody hard though, that parry is a bit weird. Got two shells now, and know where the third is but jesus its tricky. And obscure. Makes Dark Souls look signposted.
  9. Not really, everyone was nerfed to be as powerful as everyone else there as well. When Silver Surfer is about as powerful as Captain America you have a problem.
  10. Yeah but if Gandalf was gurning and pointing at something completely irrelevant next to a shite font with a click baity title written next to him it would be worse. The book would also be called "Shocking truths about rings of power that are unbelievable" or something.
  11. Instantly didn't watch due to thumbnail.
  12. Yeah if you know it's gonna be a little janky and Spidersesque why play on hard? Especially when you're surprised when it's hard.
  13. Genuinely don't understand watching people play games and talking shite over them. Only thing worse is reaction videos. Yeah nobody reacts like that. Similarly every fucking video being like an hour long when the topic could be covered in approx. 2 seconds.
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