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  1. Alternatively the DLC is pretty good and maintains the quality from the main game. Im loving it.
  2. Can't seem to buy the DLC simply states 'coming soon', how've you managed to get it?
  3. The NES games didn't crash like fuck or have weird sound glitches and terrible frame rates. Some of the MS exclusive stuff has been incredibly buggy recently.
  4. Its equally good minus the waggle to be fair. Probably better in fact.
  5. There's always Broken Note. And this which is amazing!
  6. It doesn't seem to recognise a wireless Xbox One controller at all. Apparently works for some but no concessions towards using one.
  7. It is pronounced mah ko. May ko what?
  8. The first boss is pretty hard. In fact a few of the first few bosses are hard. Only advice I have is to dodge in and out getting a few hits in but don't be greedy. Watch out for his reach, and particularly his telegraphed spinny move and the double ball slam they can one shot you. Once his chains break then use living weapon to do a load of damage and hopefully kill him. He's weak to fire so grenades etc also work.
  9. I don't really get the moaning about classic mode. Yeah boss fights etc are interesting when turn based but for your average scrub enemy you'd usually only pick attack anyway.
  10. Halo hasn't competed with Halo to be fair in recent years. 4 and 5 are shite.
  11. Hollow Knight looks lovely but yeah the map is terrible and it is awful at giving you a clue where to go next. Got so bored back tracking only to find another dead end. I loved it for a long time too
  12. Yup. Living water in all all 3 stances is essential and should be a priority.
  13. El Spatula

    NIOH 2

    Come on PC announcement! Replaying Nioh at the mo and its one of my fave games of recent years. Few tweaks and it could be really special.
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