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  1. Just finished this and thought it was fucking brilliant. Easily one of the better REs and possibly better than 7 in some ways. Mixed up the styles really well. Not sure about the lycans/vampire enemies as they were a bit poo at points but so ate the zombies/mould things. The arguments about puzzles etc. could apply to any RE to be honest.
  2. The Salt/Siren Kveik IPA from Morrisons is pretty good. As good as the North Kveik IPA from Tesco.
  3. Yaghek died in a laughably short amount of time as a Trickster . At tier 11 as well. My worst boss was the seedy tree monster thing and a human boss early on. No adds to regain health
  4. Nah. That's so much better than Code Veronica its not even funny.
  5. As an example of how little it plays like Gears. I use a Trickster build with Twisted Rounds (with the crit mod), Venators Knife (with the bounce twice and mark more people mods) and Hunt the Prey (with Vulnerable and Slow Mods). My pump action shotgun has a mod that returns all ammo when it kills and ammo is less than half. It has another mod that causes a massive AoE when it kills. It kills with almost every hit. Tricksters regain health and shield from killing up close. So generally I run in chuck Venators Knife around to mark enemies. Turn on twi
  6. Code Veronica is godawful! If it wasn't on the DC people would be shoving it into the corner with their foot in order to hide it.
  7. It's miles better than Code Veronica
  8. It's better than Code Veronica and that's the only good thing I can say about it.
  9. To be fair they're all essentially Dark Souls and go up from there. There certainly isn't a route for everybody or even 5% of people.
  10. Not when you buy it multiple times at full price there isn't.
  11. £70 is bullshit obviously but there's a fair few folk in here arguing that who've defended Nintendo releasing rereleases of rereleases at full price which is equally bullshit.
  12. Well what hasn't? Bar Gears Tactics?
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