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  1. I fucking loved this on PC. Easily my fave open world by miles. Yeah fighting people is poo but the rest of it is amazing. Its also astonishing looking at times. Really hope they port this over as well. Otherwise resisting the PS5 may be difficult.
  2. I love GamePass as an idea and subscribe but it reminds me of the time I bought a Snes MagicCard or whatever it was called and suddenly had access to hundreds of games. Suffice to say I devoted no time to any of them as I had no value attached to any of them. This is essentially what's happening to me with GamePass. I'm weird.
  3. I'm so jealous of people playing this. I'm also really confused as to why people are thinking square is attack. None of the Dark Souls games have had that have they?
  4. E rated game is complex
  5. Give it an hour or so and he'll think its amazing.
  6. Previously I was Xbox controllers for life. The MS elite controller while amazing to use is a piece of shit quality wise though. I've had two and both have broken in exactly the same way. The A controller on all of the XBox one controllers are sticky and annoying. Haven't used the Dualshock 4 or 3.
  7. Why are people replying to the debaser in good faith?
  8. It wasn't an opinion. I was clarifying as to why I posted that. Nice try though.
  9. I won't have an opinion again. Apologies. Just remembered this: And thought it was worth a comment. Will run all posts by you in future to ensure they meet your standards.
  10. Wait I thought exclusive content and time exclusivity was bad? Is it good now? I'm confused.
  11. Not particularly betting on any horse in this race but the Microsoft launch lineup is impressively non existent so Sony win for at least putting a hint of effort in.
  12. And this shop would be where? @lordscotland Please be Glasgow....
  13. Oh right forgot about the not uninstalling things properly. Often wondered where my hard drive space was going. Turns out there was almost 1tb of stuff I'd supposedly uninstalled still showing.
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