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  1. I used to love VF4 Evo, played it to death but one thing I've noticed from playing this is a lack of impact/sense of weight. Has this always been the case? It looks ridiculous at times, like they're Premier league players taking dives from being brushed by the softest of touches.
  2. Yeah the walk speed makes this a no for me. Seems to take ages to get anywhere at a casual amble. Well that and it being a broken juddery mess on PC. A few changes and this could have been great. As it is it's 5/10 material.
  3. They aren't releasing anything else. That's it done.
  4. Loads of people? Hence their popularity?
  5. It's not very PC gamey at all? Extremely consoley in fact.
  6. This is how the slide to mediocrity starts.
  7. Anything on Gamepass seems to be well janky PC wise. The Steam version is fine apparently.
  8. This runs very weirdly on my PC solid 60fps most of the time and then well jerky for seconds followed by perfectly normal again. Weird. Doesn't matter what settings I use...
  9. Woo! Been wanting to play that for ages!
  10. Average of 64% ain't that good. Really wanted this to be great. Need me an ARPG
  11. Literally everything is a chemical.
  12. So on this after I finish Ys IX. Despite not actually liking Zelda games that much I seem to like similar games. No idea how that works.
  13. Most games these days are pretty good at suggesting settings. I genuinely can't remember the last time I pissed about with settings much as a primarily PC gamer. Can if you want but mostly it ain't necessary. The consoles have similar options these days, bar the Switch.
  14. How about you watch it and let us know what it's like before we invest time in it?
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