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  1. Going into menus for everything. Multiple times to do anything. All of the menus.
  2. Correction: The same few zealots keep trying to tell everyone who doesn't enjoy Zelda that they're wrong.
  3. Mate you're the one who's waded into a topic about how your favourite game isn't really all that to try to tell people that actually they're wrong and it's better than a game it's not better than.
  4. MS don't do new things though. They've essentially wasted most of their acquisitions.
  5. Stranger of Paradise people. It's fucking brilliant, way better than Wo Long for instance but languishing in the low 70s/60s.
  6. Yup SMB3 is the pinnacle of platforming. It's almost entirely down to momentum, weight, predictability of controls and responsiveness. LBP gets none of those right.
  7. Bayonetta 1 and 2 got an Edge 10 and GTAIV/V and Little Big Planet, plus Twilight Princess and Twilight Sword. All shite.
  8. Lego City > GTA in loading times and being shite certainly.
  9. How very pleasant of you. You must be proud of your dudebroness.
  10. FH5 has possibly the most vomit inducing presentation of any game ever. So so bad. The racing is amazing, everything else is awful.
  11. I like my scores out of 13 and to 3 decimal places as determined by a randomly assigned group of non gamers and gamers kidnapped from their homes and forced to play to completion. There would also be some sort of Nintendo game adjustment factor in place to ensure their games are consistently rated without the usual +2 that's added to the score.
  12. It's embarrassing all round really. No 'side' is looking good.
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