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  1. It can work unless she has Havoc or something in which case she will just turn around and Blatter you.
  2. I killed a Juliana in a similar way today ran out, shot her a bit, then popped invisibility but intentionally making it rubbish by turning it off and on again repeatedly so she thinks easy target. She follows me into a room full of prehacked turrets and proximity mines. I had a good gloat.
  3. Well I think this is fucking brilliant. One of the most refreshing games I've played for years. It would be shit if it was balls hard or if it left everything up to you. It could be a bit less hand holdy sure but I like some direction.
  4. It's so uncommon for the protagonist to slaughter their way through enemy hordes. Only the Uncharted series allows you to kill lots of people.
  5. Alright fair does, bit overly aggro! A lot of this was on here to be fair. Just heard it hadn't aged well and went to pot near the end. I'm willing to give it a chance.
  6. Yup PC Games Pass is a baffling mess at times. I've had so much weirdness since it started. My favourite was the Halo collection filling a terabyte drive somehow. Installed itself every other day seemingly. Uninstalling it involved formatting the drive...
  7. Because it's not very good according to most things I've heard?
  8. I'm really enjoying this from a setting/atmosphere/character perspective but it does feel at times like a mid tier PS2 platformer.
  9. To be fair to NMH3 almost everything on the Switch runs like dogshit but this gets handwaved away as fine.
  10. Never played an Uncharted so this is great news for me. Presumably you can skip the first un?
  11. Er in the comics Spiderman is MILES off Thor and Hulk.
  12. Both are a lot better than the Switch which is made out of a potato, a calculator screen, balsa wood, cramps, and wobbles.
  13. I just want the contacting server thing fixed. Really puts me off playing it.
  14. I'm loving it to be honest . Always loved the more deliberate pace. Not that I don't also love Diablo 3.
  15. Holy fuck just read the plot as I gave up before I smashed my PC. That is the plot srsly?
  16. Bit unnecessary no? Never listen to anyone who likes McDonalds. They're opinions on everything else are as wrong as possible.
  17. Nothing needs sultanas
  18. It could also be due to the fact the Switch is a potato.
  19. I paid 30 quid for it and loved it. Miles better than shite like The Ascent. It doesn't matter if it's a Game Pass offering the same standards should apply.
  20. You'd be suggesting wrong. Miles better than a lot of recent offerings.
  21. It's very, very good. A fast paced accessible roguelike who would have thought.
  22. It does have a Roguelike mode now through which is brilliant.
  23. Win! Hopefully this time they manage to not make the Gamepass version the crappy one.
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