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  1. Phelan

    The Division 2

    That's still marketing I'm afraid to say. I get there are people massively invested but the smart play would be to create condensed versions of the videos with key info because most people don't have 2 hours to watch something like that.
  2. Phelan

    The Division 2

    Who the fuck does marketing for these guys?? Who in the right mind thinks it would be a good idea to so a movie's worth of content of a bunch of guys sitting around a fucking table!?!?!?
  3. 240!?!?!?! I'm at 51 and I thought I was doing well. Holy fuck!! I was speaking to a guy in my clan who had baked 1,200 cookies and I was like 'dude, go outside'.
  4. I got Wendigo two days ago. Just let it slowly build anytime I took a grenade launcher into a strike. Didn't care when I got it.
  5. Fuck the Dawning. 16 or 17 Essence per strike. You need over 3,500 to finish the whole thing. That's over 200 strikes or 50 per week. I mean c'mon guys. Less of the grind. Oh and what do you get? The Dawning bike. At least make it a pinnacle weapon!!
  6. Got contacted by one of the local papers and asked to do a review. It contains no spoilers. I love Star Wars. My dad took me to see the first Star Wars film, A New Hope, in 1978. It was my first cinematic experience and with that movie came a love for a franchise that burns as bright today as it did the moment the Corellian Corvette engines appeared on-screen being chased by a Star Destroyer. I've attended the midnight screening for the last six movies, I've built a 5,000 piece LEGO Millenium Falcon and my most prized possession is a Princess Leia figure signed by Carrie Fisher. I've seen some reviewers who reckon the movie is a big pile of bantha fodder, but here's my take. Star Wars has always been about hope. Hope that good will triumph. Hope that evil will fall. The fans have always had hope that the next Star Wars movie (whatever it may be) won't be terrible. We have had a chequered past; we lost the battle when it came to The Phantom Menace, and many say we nearly lost the war with The Last Jedi. But for me, The Rise of Skywalker has brought something magical to the screen for everyone to enjoy. It's a rip-roaring, action-packed romp reminiscent of the original trilogy and is a beautiful end to the Skywalker saga. It's not easy to finish an ennealogy. How do you take eight movies loved by so many and craft an ending in a story that will satisfy most people while delivering a box-office smash? Thankfully JJ Abrams (The Force Awakens) showcases once more his ability as a director to give us a Star Wars film packed with jaw-dropping set-pieces, lightsaber fights that hum while also driving a story that will have you on the edge of your seat. It's the end of the saga that has wowed the world for 42 years, so we knew that there were a lot of strands that needed to be tied together and Abrams manages to fulfil nearly all of them in this films 144 minutes. The story of Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) was well-handled, the growth of Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) as a soldier and a leader was fitting, Finn (John Boyega) finds his place in the universe but the loss of Carrie Fisher was always going to hit the fans the hardest. We knew this would be the last time we would see her reprise her role as Princess Leia. She was a stateswoman, a mother and a Jedi. Carrie Fisher was loved by so many of the fans, and Abrams handled her passing well. The film is not without its flaws. You may find yourself eye-rolling at a weird space horse battle. But the cameos will keep every true fan happy (one in particular had me leaping out of my seat and punching the sky with joy - a character from all three originals). Listen to the Sith-like reviewers at your peril. Choose the light side and lose yourself in an entertaining, epic film that left me grinning as I walked away from the cinema. And have hope. I'm looking forward to seeing it again this weekend. Scott Rhodie's Star Wars rankings: 1) Star Wars 2) The Empire Strikes Back 3) The Force Awakens 4) The Rise of Skywalker 5) Return of the Jedi 6) The Last Jedi 7) Attack of the Clones 8) Revenge of the Sith 9) The Phantom Menace https://www.theaustralian.com.au/arts/film/star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-review-riproaring-actionpacked-romp/news-story/94c7f47c09069ee0c18fc106319066fb
  7. Haha no way!! They called me today and asked me go to a write up. Tried my best.
  8. Should I get into this? Is it still fun?
  9. This is how I feel. The combat is sluggish and I die a lot especially against commanders while people are shooting at you. It never feels fluid.
  10. It is probably cause the map is terrible to be honest.
  11. I'm on Zeffo trying to complete second puzzle. With the waterfall but I don't have force push so can't complete the damned puzzle. Why was it telling me to go to this place if I can't do the fucking puzzle??
  12. Then I must just be shit cause I die all the time. Feels like my parry bar runs out so quickly especially when up against one of the force troopers who carry the electro batons who do five attacks at one with you - then the other enemy in the room whacks you and then the force trooper whacks you and suddenly you have no energy left so you roll and roll and roll to use a stim and then they hit you again and you are dead. I hated Souls games for the combat and this feels identical.
  13. I despise the combat. Absolutely despise it. You are the fucking Jedi Yet the entire game seems to be dodge, dodge, dodge, parry, parry, maybe hit someone, parry, parry. While enemies just go whack whack whack and energy is gone. Especially those with energy sticks etc. It’s fucking shit. I am hating the combat as much as I hated the combat in Souls. Hard just to be hard rather than actually enjoyable.
  14. Like previous Star Wars games this waters down lightsabers way too much. If I come up against a door or some fans that I can't get passed why can't I just slice open the door or cut the fan in half? I HAVE A GOD DAMN LIGHTSABER!!
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