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  1. Watched episode two and I can sum up everything that is wrong with this show in one screen grab I took. Anyone who is a Discworld fan knows why this is wrong.
  2. Yeah I did a sniper look at that and they all disappear while you look at them. It's shit!
  3. Played this on PS5. Completed game at the 90 hour mark by doing all side missions and main missions and not buying any cars except one. Had over 110 crashes on the PS5. Basically it crashed nearly every hour or more. So many bugs across the game. Same person walking past twenty times. The city feels so empty on console. Nobody was there half the time. Like five cars max on screen. For a city that is supposed to be hectic it felt empty.
  4. So it came out today in Aus. I watched it today. It feels like Cyberpunk meets Steampunk meets Medieval. Concrete stairs and crossbows with iPad-esque screens and swords. It’s seriously lost. It’s just not Terry. It’s lost the humour. It’s lost the characters.
  5. Playing this on PS5 and it has crashed on me 12 times so far. Feels unplayable as it keeps happening.
  6. Yeah. Wifi direct. I’m transferring over 300gb and it says it will take 45 mins. Currently at 24%. Set up was ridiculously easy apart from that
  7. Nope. They are in different rooms. Plugged a USB with update on to PS4 which seemed to fix it. Now trying the transfer again
  8. It’s a big boy! and the transfer fucked up my PS4
  9. Yes but all the dragons are big and not handgun sized like the one she has. Swamp dragons aren't tiny.
  10. That is what I don't understand. Why would you change the stories when you have so much to access. Making Lady Sybil a vigilante is fucking bonkers. I wanted to see her looking after the cute dragons who explode when they get nervous and not being used as A FUCKING GUN!!
  11. Oh god there are more clips It all feels so wrong.
  12. Holy fuck that trailer is a disaster. Vimes doesn't wear eyeliner. The guy hates all pomp and wear shirts till they are see through. Why is he in a band with rocks in it? Everything about that trailer looks abysmal. They also release a short clip of death and Vimes meeting. Only certain magic users and people who have actually died meet Death and also Death doesn't chuckle!!! https://twitter.com/TheWatch/status/1314617651042365440
  13. Well we finally finished the fan film. Trailer went up today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9AoCTc99Ak
  14. I think it was AU$500 initially but they had 25% off so it was AU$375
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