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  1. It’s nice to see a book come alive on the screen. They did an amazing job with this.
  2. Josh is a dickhead and should probably step back from the camera. He is a fun writer but maybe best he stays away from the limelight. Fisher was boring in both versions and Cyborg should never have been the lead in a JL movie.
  3. So I absolutely fucking despise Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro. Tried them all and just found them to be totally unenjoyable. I don't have the time nor the patience to play games like that. Is Elden Ring going to be something similar and should I give it a wide berth?
  4. Phelan


    Just reading on here that so many didn't like it? I tend to avoid most games news and sites these days and just play games instead and Deathloop was my GOTY 2021. I loved every single second of it.
  5. 25 million subscribers! That's about $3 billion a year in revenue. I mean it's not a patch on the $70 billion to do the acquisition but that's a lot of cash each year.
  6. Thanks!! So glad you enjoyed it. I've been sharing the feedback with my mate Richard, the director, and he is overjoyed with the response. We won two more awards at the weekend for it which is great news.
  7. This latest season was such a disappointment. Felt like an absolute mess. Nothing really worked at all. And the last two episodes were abysmal.
  8. Saw this last night and thought it was absolutely dreadful with a plot that made no sense whatsoever.
  9. Hahaha no! Can’t share the name yet. The funny thing is that we wrote this and started doing it before Mandalorian came out and both had that western feel. We were a little gutted about that but we have won so many awards around the worlds at comic/pop culture events etc.
  10. Thanks Zok! We are working on the sequel at the moment.
  11. Awww thanks for that!! It’s been tough to get the views without a proper marketing budget behind us. Many people don’t share stuff like they used to.
  12. Hmmm what a visual feast while leaving you feeling empty at the end. So many plot holes. So many gaps. His chemistry with Paloma (spe?) was better than with Madeline. Also
  13. Nope. First episode and first season is great.
  14. Well Season 10 is out on December 25th. The reasons I love this show is manyfold. It's possibly one of the best written shows with very deep characters even though it just looks like a bunch of Canadian rednecks on the surface. It's about family and friendship while being silly and riddled with childish humour at times. This is one of my favourite openings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0sq3T5fErQ&t=7s
  15. Is nobody watching this?? Nine seasons of absolute perfection and nobody is talking about it???
  16. Thanks! Lot of work but loads of fun.
  17. Movie is finished and just went live. Covid etc took its toll on finishing it but we are finally here! Hope you enjoy it: https://youtu.be/5litSjBdakI
  18. Watched episode two and I can sum up everything that is wrong with this show in one screen grab I took. Anyone who is a Discworld fan knows why this is wrong.
  19. Yeah I did a sniper look at that and they all disappear while you look at them. It's shit!
  20. Played this on PS5. Completed game at the 90 hour mark by doing all side missions and main missions and not buying any cars except one. Had over 110 crashes on the PS5. Basically it crashed nearly every hour or more. So many bugs across the game. Same person walking past twenty times. The city feels so empty on console. Nobody was there half the time. Like five cars max on screen. For a city that is supposed to be hectic it felt empty.
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